February 21

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John Lewis 1940

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During a Congressional Black Caucus press conference less than one day after 12 police officers were shot in Dallas and after the controversial deaths of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castillo, by white law enforcement, Lewis called for unity and nonviolence.

“The scars and stains of racism are still deeply embedded in American society,” Lewis said. “We cannot sweep it under the rug in some dark corner. We have to deal with it, all of us.”



In the wake of the mass shooting that took place on June 12, 2016, in Orlando, Florida, Lewis led a sit-in comprised of approximately 40 House Democrats on the floor of the House of Representatives on June 22nd in an attempt to bring attention and force Congress to address gun violence by taking definitive legislative action. “We have been too quiet for too long,” Lewis said. “There comes a time when you have to say something. You have to make a little noise. You have to move your feet. This is the time.”


*There are radicals for most political topics, but none like guns. John Lewis marched with Dr. King in the 1960s and he continues to strive for a non-violent approach to a better America.

I once asked a student of mine from Germany what he thinks of America. He said, “Fat people and guns.” I think it is something that will never be resolved in my lifetime. Lewis has to be happy with how far we’ve come with civil rights but when it comes to guns, he won’t see much of a change.

*How would you solve mass shootings in the USA?

As I am editing this, another mass shooting took place yesterday morning at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh.


Jennifer Love Hewitt 1979

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“Last summer we were in Monaco. Every morning we ran for 40 minutes through the streets of Monte Carlo. It was an amazing way to see the city. Now when we travel, we try to explore the places by running.”



She recommends not to leave your day meal, i.e. the lunch. Jennifer herself is a foodie and can’t stop her from binge eating. She believes that gone are those days when women with curves like Marilyn Monroe were given preference and liked by everyone. Now, most of the girls skip their diet to stay in shape.


*Run around whatever city you are in for 40 minutes today. It’s probably where you live, but use today to get out and see your city – explore. And then eat lunch.


John Henry Newman 1801

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Although Newman was not always understood or appreciated, he steadfastly preached the Good News by word and example.


But there is another reason why God alone is the happiness of our souls, to which I wish rather to direct attention:—the contemplation of Him, and nothing but it, is able fully to open and relieve the mind, to unlock, occupy, and fix our affections.


*Share Good News by word and example today. Know that God is the happiness of your soul and thinking of him can open and relieve your mind and fix your affections today.


David Geffen 1943

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Billionaire, philanthropist, and noted Instagram user David Geffen has resparked the age old rivalry between West Coast and East Coast money. This time, however, it’s centered around support for the arts — or, according to Geffen, lack thereof. The Los Angeles-based media mogul, who founded Geffen Records and co-founded Dreamworks along with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, has taken to task New Yorkers for not donating enough to make the renovation of David Geffen Hall, a home for the New York Philharmonic, at the Lincoln Center possible.





*Research and find a local artist. Buy some of their art as an investment for you, them, and your community.


Jordan Peele 1979 – Get Out

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Beyond the clever scares, excellent plotting, and timely message, watching ‘Get Out’ was, for me and, I imagine, most of its audience, a lesson in seeing clearly.



*See clearly today and watch Get Out. Have some hot tea while watching.


Lidia Bastianich 1947 – braised pork chops with apples, onion, and dried cherries

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Lidia Bastianich is an Emmy award-winning television host, best-selling cookbook author, and restaurateur. She has held true to her Italian roots and culture, which she proudly and warmly invites her fans to experience.


*Listen to some local music while making Lidia Bastianich’s braised pork chops. Enjoy it while watching Get Out.

SNUB – Alan Rickman

Review –

  • Solve the gun issue in America
  • Run around the town you are in
  • Think of God to relieve your mind
  • Support a local musician
  • Watch Get Out
  • Make braised pork chops with apples, onion, and dried cherries

February 20

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Sidney Poitier 1927

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Poitier is hardly dogmatic and subscribes to no particular faith; his views are informed by Christianity, but also by other influences, including the Caribbean voodoo practiced by his Bahamian mother and thinkers such as Carl Sagan. Without saying it explicitly, Poitier worries that the world his great-granddaughter inherits will be continually threatened by religious conflicts. God, he pleads, “is for all of us. It is not a God for one culture, or one religion, or one planet.”



With his unique career, a career he forged without any precedent or model, Sidney Poitier helped change many stubborn racial attitudes that had persisted in this country for centuries. He has built the bridges and opened the doors for countless artists in succeeding generations. He is an actor who stood for hope, for excellence, and who has given happiness to millions of people around the world.


*If we could all think like Poitier, the world would be a much better place – “It is not a God for one culture, or one religion, or one planet.”


Charles Barkley 1963

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“When I got to Philadelphia, Dr. J., Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, they never practiced,” Barkley said. “They’d sit on the side or on the stationary bike eating McDonald’s. Once I had been in the league X amount of years, I adopted that philosophy.”


*Go to McDonald’s. Buy one cheeseburger. Then drive to the gym and eat said cheeseburger while riding a stationary bike. If anyone asks, just simply say that it’s Charles Barkley’s birthday. Keep pedaling until you’ve burned off all 300 calories and then move on to your favorite workout.


Angelina Grimke 1805

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Her challenge to the slave system had expanded to a challenge to the many established customs and laws restricting women and African Americans. Her urgency was no longer fueled by fears of a heavenly intervention and reckoning, but by an awareness of the continuing suffering inflicted by human society on its own members.



Drawing her views from natural rights theory (as set forth in the Declaration of Independence), the Constitution, Christian beliefs in the Bible, and her own experience of slavery and racism in the South,


*One thing that I will never understand are Christians who hate. The church I grew up in always had a disturbing undertone of racism, sexism, and homophobia. This is what has always turned me off about set religions. I would much rather go through life being kind to everyone than relying on a church to get me into heaven.


Rihanna 1988 – Better Have My Money

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This is one reason you should keep your BOOKKEEPER separate from your ACCOUNTANT. The professions are distinct, and they serve as a check and balance system to make sure each is doing their job.


*I wouldn’t argue with Rihanna. If possible have a separate bookkeeper and accountant. If married, maybe each could have a separate role in the family finances. And please don’t stop the music.


Kurt Cobain 1967 – listen to Nirvana (and some of his solo acoustic stuff too)

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Be empathetic toward others.

Even when it didn’t seem like it, Kurt cared for others on a deep level. He would always listen to his fans, no matter what. He liked to receive fan mail because he wanted to hear from the fans, whether it be about how his music impacted them or how they interpreted the lyrics. He was interested in the well-being of others, something that we should carry on, as well.


*Be interested in the well-being of others as you listen to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain’s acoustic songs too.


Cindy Crawford 1966

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Cindy Crawford’s Favorite Mint Cacao Morning Shake

“Life goes by quickly, and I’ve learned that decisions made from a place of confidence—rather than one of fear—are the ones that get me to the place I want to be.”


*Start your day off from a place of confidence and with Cindy Crawford’s mint cacao morning shake. If you like this recipe, use it as much as you like, as there aren’t very many breakfast recipes in 365DOLF.

SNUB – Justin Verlander

Review –

  • It is not a God for one religion
  • Eat a cheeseburger while riding a stationary bike
  • Be kind to people
  • Have a separate bookkeeper and accountant
  • Listen to Nirvana
  • Make a mint cacao morning shake

February 19

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Nicolaus Copernicus 1473

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Most of us attach special importance and greater weight to ourselves. It has been so since the beginning of time, and will likely be thus in the foreseeable future. But this prevents us from viewing things from different perspectives and can be costly in both our personal and professional lives.

In this regard, we have much to learn from Copernicus. While his hypothesis was literal, we would do well to remember its figurative interpretation and be reminded constantly.

We are not at the centre of the universe; the world does not revolve around us.


As I understand it, there is an underlying principle to Copernican astronomy, and that is that we are not as special as we thought we were in ancient times (if we disregard those Greek philosophers who, before Plato and Aristotle laid down the law, proposed not only atoms but a heliocentric system). Later, astronomers worked out the possible, or probable, number of Earth-like planets in the universe, and concluded that it was extremely unlikely that we were the only sentient species out there.


*Think beyond yourself. Beyond your life. Beyond your job. Beyond your country. Beyond your religion. There is a whole world out there.


Marta 1986

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Push hard, rest smart. “What matters to me is the fact that I’m going to have to be the first one at the ball,” says Marta. “I give 100% of myself to the game and to my training. I’m very determined and really eager to always be great at what I do. I’ve always been motivated to go further and further and just accomplish more and more.” But knowing your limits is as important as pushing them. If you’re in a game and start to tire, don’t be afraid to ask your coach for a break—that’s what subs are for. You won’t be much good to your team if you’re lagging behind the action. Sometimes doing your best is knowing when to rest.


*If you’ve been pushing hard lately, take today to rest smart. If not, play soccer with friends.


Seal 1963

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If there’s an overriding message to Seal’s multilayer lyrics and ornate orchestrations, it’s an insistence on the innate human capacity to heal. With his rags-to-riches professional success and forlorn, forbidding childhood, he happens to know all about that. Abandonment, brutality and death were childhood leitmotifs for Seal, and when lupus left its calling card in the form of a spray of scars across his face at 23, the specter of an incurable disease joined that list.


*Look at a picture of Seal as you listen to his music. Think how easy it would have been for him to not want his face to be seen. Get out there and be seen today.


Jeff Kinney 1971

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“My books wouldn’t have existed without the upbringing I had or without the family that I have,” concedes Kinney


Eight years ago, Kinney was a self-described “failed newspaper cartoonist,” playing too much Doom and struggling to come up with an idea that would jump-start his career. Today, Kinney is the No. 1 best-selling kids author in America and chief architect of the $500 million Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise that has captured the playground with its irreverent attitude, playful drawings and spot-on understanding of a kid’s frustrations.


*Don’t be afraid to use what you know and who you are to help guide your future. Don’t be a wimp – start making your dream business today.


Jeff Daniels 1955 – watch Dumb and Dumber

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Dumb & Dumber is the kind of film you can bond with strangers over.


*This is one of my guilty pleasures. If Dumb and Dumber is on, I watch it. I also use quotes from it all of the time. Watch it today and see how it helps you bond with strangers. “So you’re telling me there’s a chance”


Haylie Duff 1985 – stuffed shells with three cheese stuffing

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You may know Haylie Duff as an actress/singer/songwriter…but she is most at home in the kitchen.

“I started cooking for my friends and family and realized people loved my recipes! So, I decided to share them and started The Real Girl’s Kitchen blog.”


*Listen to Seal while making Haylie Duff’s stuffed shells and enjoy them while watching Dumb and Dumber. “I like it a lot”

SNUB – Benicio del Toro

Review –

  • Think beyond yourself
  • Push hard, rest smart
  • Be seen
  • Don’t be a wimp
  • Watch Dumb and Dumber
  • Make stuffed shells with 3 cheese stuffing

February 18

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Alessandro Volta 1745 – Yes, Volta shares a birthday with Travolta

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Napoleon was so impressed with Volta, and his Voltaic Pile, that he awarded the Italian Professor a Legion of Honor medal and made him a Count.

We honor Volta even now since the word “voltage” – meaning the unit of electrical potential – is named for him.


A true scientist, Volta once wrote, “You must be ready to give up even the most attractive ideas when experiment shows them to be wrong.” That’s advice that Darwinists would do well to heed.


*It’s February 18 and hopefully you’re not ready to give up because this experiment has proved to be wrong. Keep plugging along.

In honor of Volta’s birthday, try to see how little electricity you can use today.


Jillian Michaels 1974

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An infinite variety of fully interactive, customized daily workouts, or choose from one of Jillian’s specifically tailored programs listed below. For individuals of ALL fitness levels, from total newbie to super advanced.


*Go to Jillian Michaels’ website and choose a workout of your liking. Or download her app and do the same.


Yoko Ono 1933

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The artist and widow of John Lennon has designed a collection of cups and saucers featuring the dates and places of six tragic events written in Ono’s handwriting, such as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and the day Lennon was shot and killed in 1980. A seventh cup appears untouched to represent hope.


Join in with these participatory artworks by Yoko Ono. Print out WAR IS OVER & IMAGINE PEACE posters. Send your wishes to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER & SKYLANDING. Add your smiles to #smilesfilm. Send your testimonies to ARISING. Tribute your parents at My Mommy Is Beautiful & My Daddy Is Beautiful.

*Yoko’s imaginepeace.com website is really interesting and interactive. Try one of the above to soothe your soul today. And take today to forgive her if you blame her for breaking up the Beatles. Give peace a chance.


Dr. Dre 1965

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Don’t buckle to skepticism.

The hip-hop culture that Dre grew up in and helped build is one that fosters and relies on entrepreneurial skill. In the early years of hip hop, record labels were skeptical of the genre, and worried that it would be a difficult sell to Middle America. Hip-hop artists were thus masters of hustle: They were out there promoting their mixtapes and starting their own record labels, doing everything it took to get their music heard. Dre was part of this scene, and learned how to be an entrepreneur almost out of necessity. Innovators create opportunity by forging ahead, even when they meet great resistance and skepticism.


Dr. Dre topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid hip-hop acts a few months back, and now the financial mag has named Dre the world’s richest musician overall, a conclusion that should surprise no one after Dre and Jimmy Lovine sold their Beats empire to Apple for $3 billion this year. Thanks largely to that Apple payout, Dre earned $620 million in 2014, which Forbes calls “the biggest single-year payday of any musician in history.”


*Be a master of hustle today. Create opportunity by forging ahead, even when you meet great resistance and skepticism. Listen to Dr. Dre for motivation.


John Travolta 1954 – watch Saturday Night Fever

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Saturday Night Fever made Travolta a movie star, but he was already a teen heartthrob because of the popular sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, where he played a delinquent teenager with the hilarious and timeless catchphrase “Up your nose with a rubber hose.” Still, nobody was prepared for how Travolta’s fame would affect the movie, which was to be shot on the streets of Brooklyn. As soon as the neighborhood found out Travolta was there, the sidewalks were swarmed by thousands of onlookers, many of them squealing teenage girls. (Badham said there were also a lot of teenage boys holding signs expressing their hatred for Travolta for being more desirable than themselves.)




*Watch and learn Travolta’s epic dance and be prepared to perform it at the next wedding reception you go to.


Vanna White 1957 – Wheel of Fortune Chicken

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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Reveals Regret, Major Life Lesson Over Playboy Photos: ‘Listen to Your Instincts’



*Listen to your instincts and enjoy this Wheel of Fortune chicken while watching John Travolta almost win an Oscar in Saturday Night Fever.

SNUB – Molly Ringwald

Review –

  • Keep plugging along – don’t quit
  • Jillian Michaels workout
  • Participatory artwork by Yoko Ono
  • Don’t buckle to skepticism
  • Watch Saturday Night Fever 
  • Make Wheel of Fortune chicken


February 17

Look for the * for today’s advice.


Mary Frances Berry 1938

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Berry asked the audience to commit to doing something every day for the cause of justice—from praying to showing praise for those doing the more active work to feeding the hungry.



*Pick one to commit to today. What’s it going to be? Pray? Show praise? Or feed the hungry? Whichever ones you don’t commit to today, there is always tomorrow and then the day after that to keep it going.


Rene Russo 1954

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‘I work out every day, but not like a maniac. Just 20 minutes on that damn bike, do some light weights, and that’s it and I’ve gotta move on,’ she said.


*Get on that damn bike for twenty minutes, lift some light weights, and move on with your day.


Jim Brown 1936

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Amer-I-Can was founded in 1988 by NFL Hall of Fame recipient, Jim Brown. The program goal is to help enable individuals to meet their academic potential, to conform their behavior to acceptable society standards, and to improve the quality of their lives by equipping them with the critical life management skills to confidently and successfully contribute to society.


Fifty years ago, Brown was cast as the leader of the Muhammad Ali Summit in Cleveland. Brown was joined by legendary athletes like Bill Russell and Lew Alcindor outside the offices of the Negro Industrial Economic union for a press conference with Ali, a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War.



*Help Jim Brown out by going to the Amer-I-can website. There you can donate money or volunteer your time to help make a better America.


Michael Jordan 1963

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Use social media to keep your brand relevant. MJ hasn’t been on the court since the 2002-03 season. But he has 27 million Facebook fans, and although he does not use Twitter, Nike’s Jordan Twitter account has 1.7 million followers. Jordan’s Q score, which gauges awareness and popularity, has been tops among sports fans every year since 1991.



Jordan right now is the most marketable person in the U.S. ahead of Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Bill Gates and every other celebrity you can name. He posts top 10 scores for aspiration, endorsement and influence. His awareness level is almost unmatched at 98%.


*365DOLF is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and I’m not a big fan of social media. If you don’t like or aren’t comfortable with social media, having your own business in 2019 might not be for you.


Ed Sheeran 1991

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He put the hours in. He never gave up. He put his talent on the line every night, when others faded and failed. Sheeran is a living embodiment of Arnold Palmer’s ironic sporting truism: “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” Keeping a watchful eye on his sales is merely a function of his obsession with winning, a word he uses over and over again.


*Enjoy the talent of Ed Sheeran today.


Larry the Cable Guy 1963 Git-r-Done biscuits and gravy

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BONUS: Paris Hilton 1981 – lasagna

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*It’s not very often in life that you can tell someone that you had Larry the Cable Guy biscuits and gravy for breakfast and Paris Hilton lasagna for dinner. And then tell them – oh by the way, two of the greatest athletes were born on this day – “Michael Jordan and Jim Brown” – all while listening to Ed Sheeran in the background. What a conversation. That’s hot.

SNUB – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Review –

  • Pray, show praise, or feed the hungry
  • Get on that damn bike
  • Donate to Amer-I-Can
  • Use social media
  • Listen to Ed Sheeran
  • Git-r-Done Biscuits and Gravy
  • Paris Hilton Lasagna

February 16

The * will reveal today’s advice.


Phineas Quimby 1802

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In the late 1850s Quimby had postulated his metaphysical ideas regarding healing the sick by changing the mind of the patient. Since then, more than a century and half have elapsed. Currently, several modern scientific disciplines have emerged that are confirming the fundamental thesis of the New England healer. Neuroscience, New Biology (Epigenetics), Quantum Physics, Depth Psychology, and Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI); all of them, in some degree, validate Quimby’s theory regarding the power of the mind to cure the physical body.


MY THEORY: the trouble is in the mind, for the body is only the house for the mind to dwell in . . . If your mind has been deceived by some invisible enemy into a belief, you have put it into the form of a disease, with or without your knowledge. By my theory or truth I come in contact with your enemy and restore you to health and happiness.


*Mind over matter. Think a certain way and make it happen today.


Jerome Bettis 1972

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How has your approach to fitness changed, post-retirement?

I don’t work out as much as I did as a player, but I try to work out at least three days a week, preferably four. My workouts have changed too — now it’s all about cardiovascular training and not so much about weight lifting. I lift a little bit to maintain muscle consistency, but I don’t do heavy weights anymore — I do lighter weights and more repetitions. That was a major shift from my playing days. For my cardio workouts, I try to mix it up. I ride the bike, I do the elliptical machine and I walk the treadmill on the highest incline.


*Focus on cardio today. Jog 36 minutes in honor of Bettis #36. And then lift some light weights with high reps. then take the bus home.


LeVar Burton 1957

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LeVar Burton, host of the children’s educational program Reading Rainbow, started a Kickstarter campaign yesterday with colleagues to create an interactive online version of the reading program for kids everywhere and to help schools in need.


Bring Reading Rainbow’s library of interactive books & video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need!

Contribute Now!


*As a public school teacher, I know what shape schools are in today – not good. Think of donating to the above cause to help out the future. Or start your own Kickstarter campaign to help the education of those young people who are in need in your community.


John McEnroe 1959

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Martina Navratilova may moan she’s paid 10 times less than John McEnroe by the BBC at Wimbledon… but he’s a far superior analyst.



Just because your father’s a tennis legend and your mother is an Oscar winner doesn’t mean you can’t use a little extra cash.


*Tennis is like most businesses – they have to close the gender pay gap. That being said, Johnny Mac is just better at what he does as a tennis analyst and for that reason deserves to be paid more. Get better not bitter.


The Weeknd 1990

Image result for the weeknd


RETRO SOUNDS ARE IN: While he doesn’t pick a particular decade, a couple songs are fused with the spirit of Throwback Thursday. The funky “Secrets” borrows from the chorus of the Romantics’ 1984 rock hit “Talking in Your Sleep” and fuses it with a sample of “Pale Shelter” a 1982 track from Tears for Fears. The bootyshaker “Rockin”‘ carries a bouncy beat that would fit perfectly in an early 1990s house mix.


*Fortunately this day falls on a weekend as you listen to the Weeknd – who was born on a Friday.


Elizabeth Olsen 1989 – baguette and cheese with rose

Image result for elizabeth olsen


In spite of her healthyish habits, there are some things she still won’t give up. “I had this come-to-Jesus moment with my trainer for Avengers. I told him that working out makes me happy and gives me endorphins, but eating a baguette and cheese with rosé gives me an equal amount of joy and happiness. I just don’t think I can do one exclusively.”


Bonus: Ice T 1958 – drink iced tea


*Try to find a French bakery and get a fresh baguette. Get some creamy cheese and enjoy it as a meal with some rose and iced tea.

SNUB – Kim Jong-il

Review –

  • Mind over matter
  • 36 minute jog
  • Donate to Reading Rainbow
  • Get better – not bitter
  • Listen to The Weeknd
  • Eat a baguette with creamy cheese and drink some rose and iced tea.

February 15

Check out the * for today’s advice.



Galileo Galilei 1564

Image result for galileo


Those who seek and are open to truth will have enemies

This brings us to the church, or shall we say “religion” generally. The church hated Galileo and everything he said and stood for. He questioned what they thought they “knew”, which unsettled them, scared them, and threatened them. But they had power.

He was declared a heretic and sentenced to house arrest for his remaining life.

The Catholic Church, having condemned him, decided–359 years later, in 1992 that Galileo was in fact right. How? A committee had discovered this.


Scientists have studied a visual illusion first discovered by Galileo Galilei, and found that it occurs because of the surprising way our eyes see lightness and darkness in the world. Their results advance our understanding of how our brains are wired for seeing white versus black objects.


*Continue to seek and be open to the truth. If someone says something that you don’t agree with today, call them out on it. Hopefully it will lead to constructive conversation.


Jane Seymour 1951 – a round of golf and pilates

Image result for jane seymour gif


Seymour heads to the golf course often to improve her game and get some light exercise. When she’s not working on her swing, she’s often in the gym using a Gyrotonic machine as part of her pilates routine. And she’s seriously devoted to her workout — she’s reportedly been attending Pilates classes for 30 years!


After four children, three grandchildren and four marriages, Jane says she’s in better shape than she was 40 years ago.




*Play a round of golf today and/or a get a Pilates workout in. What kind of shape will you be in 40 years?


Susan B. Anthony 1820

Image result for susan b anthony


Susan B. Anthony Project promotes safety, healing, and growth for all survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and advocates for the autonomy of women and the end of interpersonal violence.


*Susan B. Anthony wouldn’t live to see her dream of women’s suffrage but the project in her name can continue to help women. Think of donating to this cause on her birthday.


Cyrus McCormick 1809

Image result for cyrus mccormick


McCormick’s lesson is to think of the market from the customer’s viewpoint and how every aspect of the total offer can be improved.


A Virginia farmer invented a mechanical reaper, then harvested profits in the Midwest’s exploding grain belt, innovating credit, service, and sales practices that became essential parts of American big business.


*When you do have your own business, think like a customer of your business. What would be most important to you? I have been “Dolfing” and I love it!


Chris Farley 1964 – watch Tommy Boy

Image result for chris farley gif


“Helen, we’re both in sales.  Let me tell you why I SUCK as a salesman.”

A watershed “Tommy Boy” moment occurs when Tommy speaks one-on-one and gets on the same level with a waitress, ultimately convincing her to bring him chicken wings after hours, which is normally not allowed. In an “A-HA” realization, David Spade’s Richard – who’s given to ridiculing Tommy relentlessly – commends Tommy for his ability to read people, for getting inside Helen’s head and telling her what she wanted to hear, when she needed to hear it. Ultimately, this led to Tommy successfully making and selling his case – getting his chicken wings.





*Get in a little coat, get some chicken wings and watch Tommy Boy. RIP Chris Farley.


Matt Groening 1954 – Krusty burger

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OK, why do the Simpsons live in a town called Springfield? Isn’t that a little generic?
Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon. The only reason is that when I was a kid, the TV show “Father Knows Best” took place in the town of Springfield, and I was thrilled because I imagined that it was the town next to Portland, my hometown. When I grew up, I realized it was just a fictitious name. I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the U.S. In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, “This will be cool; everyone will think it’s their Springfield.” And they do.





*Make this Krusty burger and enjoy it while watching Tommy Boy and a few episodes of The Simpsons. It’s probably on FXX right now. Hey Hey!

I’m grateful that I live in Orlando and can go to Universal Studios to eat a real deal Krusty Burger on this day.

SNUB – Jaromir Jagr

Review –

  • Seek and be open to the truth
  • Golf and/or Pilates
  • Donate to the Susan B. Anthony Project
  • Think like one of your customers
  • Watch Tommy Boy
  • Make a Krusty Burger