March 23

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Wernher Von Braun 1912

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Wernher von Braun has the prestige of actually taking mankind from the simple beginnings of rocketry all the way to the moon and the planets.  His name is almost synonymous with rocket science.  He is an icon of the space age.

Eventually humans will spread into the cosmos at large. One cannot set a timeline, but by 3001 “interstellar humanity” will likely follow. We do not know what surprises and challenges we will find. But they will be there and humans will revel in them. That is the nature of humans with their inbuilt curiosity and penchant for exploration, one might say the very definition of what it is to be human.

*Here is a good conversation starter for you today. By the end of this year, your name will become synonymous with great conversation. You will be an icon of the water cooler.


Brandon Marshall 1984

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When I first heard the term “mental health,” the first thing that came to mind was mental toughness. Masking pain. Hiding it. Keeping it inside. That had been embedded in me since I was a kid. Never show weakness. Suck it up. Play through it. Live through it.

Now, I realize that mental health means the total opposite.

*See your therapist today. It is not weakness – it is showing strength. Maybe your therapy could be tossing around the football with a close friend.


Joan Crawford 1908 (maybe 1905 or 1906)

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“She said, ‘Sometime soon, I’m going to be earning more money than I need, and I would like to help people. I work with people who make the movies, the ones who have all of those little jobs without which there couldn’t be movies. They are so important, and they do such wonderful work. When they get sick and need medical help, some of them don’t have the financial means they need, so I want to see that they have the help they deserve. I want to pay for a room in the hospital and other costs.’

*You might feel like the “low man” on the totem pole, but you’re probably not. Find out if anyone who makes less than you, needs help at work and provide that assistance today. It will warm your soul.


Kenneth Cole 1954

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I’ve come to realize nobody needs what we sell. There’s hardly a woman who needs another pair of black shoes. Consumers have more choices than they can digest. I believe, after 30 years, I’ve earned the right to be considered, but every day we have to earn the right to be chosen.

*Hopefully you’ve earned the right to be considered but keep fighting for that right to be chosen.


Keri Russell 1976 –watch The Americans

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Nothing heats up a Cold War quicker than an attempt on the president’s life, and when Ronald Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981, there was a real fear that the Soviets had struck. The Americans tackled the issue in the season one episode “In Control,” throwing the characters into the middle of the frenzy.

*Watch Keri Russell in The Americans – Season 1, Episode 4.


Ayesha Curry 1989 chicken parm

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He was like, ‘I had a really bad game one day and I came home and you made chicken parm and it made me happy,'” says Curry.

*Poor Steph Curry. Not only is he an NBA superstar, but the poor guy has to come home to meals prepared by a celebrity chef-wife. Enjoy this chicken parm while watching The Americans – it will make you happy, even if you’ve had a bad day.

SNUB – Kyrie Irving

Review –

  • Be a great conversationalist
  • See a therapist
  • Help somebody out
  • Keep fighting for the right to be chosen
  • Watch The Americans
  • Make Curry Chicken Parm