March 31

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Al Gore 1948

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Democrat Al Gore conceded the extraordinarily close 2000 presidential race with a memorable quote from his father: “No matter how hard the loss, defeat might serve as well as victory to shape the soul and let the glory out.”

*Think of your most recent loss and focus on how it may have been a victory that has shaped your soul.


Gordie Howe 1928

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Mark noticed what he called a “big decline” in Howe’s mental health last summer. Still, when Mark would go out to exercise, his dad would come along.

“He can walk fine,” Mark said. “If I go for a run, he can walk 3.5 miles no problem. Doesn’t even sweat. He’s still incredibly strong. He still has great endurance.”

*Walk 3.5 miles on the treadmill while reading a book to keep your mind sharp too.


Cesar Chavez 1927

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“Kindness and compassion toward all living things is a mark of a civilized society.”

*Continue to strive to show kindness and compassion to all living things. Think of donating to the Chavez Foundation.


Shirley Jones 1934

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Former Partridge Family mother Shirley Jones has been turned down by Playboy at the age of 75 – for not showing enough flesh.–failing-flesh.html

*Your soul is not for sell. Money is important but it’s not enough to sell yourself out.


Ewan McGregor 1971 – watch Moulin Rouge

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The overall take away THE GREATEST THING YOU’LL EVER LEARN IS JUST TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN.  Beautifully said. Warning: If you can’t take and appreciate this lovely statement, then you may not enjoy the movie.

*Appreciate that the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return and then enjoy watching Moulin Rouge.


Angus Young 1955 – Australia’s Best Angus Steak

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Angus’ sister suggested he dress like a schoolboy onstage. Before that, Young tried other costumes including a gorilla, Spider-Man and another superhero – a spoof of Superman he called Super-Ang.

*Listen to ACDC while making Australia’s best Angus steak. Enjoy it while watching Moulin Rouge.

SNUB – Christopher Walken

Review –

  • How has your most recent loss shaped your soul?
  • Walk 3.5 miles while reading
  • Show kindness and compassion
  • Your soul is not for sell
  • Watch Moulin Rouge
  • Make Australia’s Best Angus Steak