August 2

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Peter O’Toole 1932

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While shooting The Lion in Winter, O’Toole cut off the top of his finger in a boating accident. He dropped the finger in some brandy before pushing it back into place and wrapping with a bandage. Removing the bandage weeks later he found he’d put it back the wrong way round.

*Jerry Garcia lost a finger yesterday and today it’s Peter O’Toole. If this doesn’t give you a conversation starter, then I don’t know what will. And… no excuses today!


Skylar Diggins 1990

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“I start working on my core strength and balance right after the season, using kettle bells, medicine balls and battle ropes,” says Diggins. “I really want to strengthen my body and get ready for my individual workouts and for the season.”

*Get with your trainer today and let them know you want to work on strength and balance by using kettle balls, medicine balls, and battle ropes just like Skylar Diggins. Play basketball and be the point guard.


Carroll O’Connor 1924

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Non-bigots understood the intention of the series and found confirmation of their views in the jokes. Carroll O’Connor in real life was an outspoken defender of liberal and civil rights causes—as was the show’s producer, Norman Lear.

*When I spoke at my father’s funeral, I compared him to Archie Bunker, but he evolved into a much better person. Don’t be like Archie Bunker – be like the man who played him, Carroll O’Connor – a defender of civil rights.


Kevin Smith 1970

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Just be who you want to be in life.

*In the free world economies, we have the greatest gift that freedom and democracy offers – choice!


Wes Craven 1939 – watch Scream

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Never give up. Neve Campbell plays the main character, Sidney Prescott. Sidney has had an extremely challenging life. When the first movie in the Scream franchise opens, her mother has been dead for a year, the victim of a brutal murder. Soon after the start of the film, Sidney is continually pursued by a ghost-masked killer (through four movies eventually!). The killer repeatedly tries to stab her, hits her, knocks her down, chases her, and, of course, threatens her. But Sidney never gives up. She fights back through all four movies and ends up killing the killers in each and every one.

*Never give up and watch Scream for inspiration.


Mary-Louise Parker 1964 – migas eggs

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Mary-Louise Parker is a Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe award-winning actress. Her writing has appeared in EsquireThe RiveterBust, and The Bullet.

Made with crispy corn tortillas, eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions, Migas (Mexican Egg Tortilla Breakfast Skillet) is an easy morning meal that’s sure to please the whole family!

*Smoke. Watch Weeds. Eat Parker’s migas eggs. Enjoy.

SNUB – Kristaps Porzingis

Review –

  • No excuses
  • Skylar Diggins Workout
  • Be a defender of civil rights causes
  • Be who you want to be in life
  • Watch Scream
  • Make migas eggs