August 21

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Sergey Brin 1973

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Before 1979, Sergey Brin was just another Russian child, living with his parents in a tiny apartment in Moscow and feeling the sting of being Jewish in an anti-Semitic society. But within only a few years, that little boy grew up to be an incredible American success story. His parents — wealthy in terms of education but poor in every other way — fought to bring their young son to America, where the boy first conquered academic life and then the technological world

Brin remembers speaking with his adviser, who told him, “Look, if this Google thing pans out, then great. If not, you can return to graduate school and finish your thesis.” He chuckles, then adds: “I said, ‘Yeah, OK, why not? I’ll just give it a try.'”

*No matter what your past or present is like, keep driving toward your future. Why not? Just give it a try.


Usain Bolt 1986

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“There are no secrets,” he says. “You just have to develop strength, power, acceleration and technique.”

*Try this Usain Bolt speed workout today to develop strength, power, acceleration, and technique.


Thomas Monson 1927

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“We are sons and daughters of a living God, in whose image we have been created. Think of that: created in the image of God. We cannot sincerely hold this conviction without experiencing a profound new sense of strength and power.

*Have a profound new sense of strength and power knowing that you are created in the image of God.


Kenny Rogers 1938

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Yeah but you can spend major money too! It’s one of the downfalls of the business. I had nothing as a child. I kind of blew it out as an adult. When I was a kid growing up in the projects I walked to school through a very wealthy neighborhood and everybody had automatic sprinklers and I thought, ‘That is so cool. Someday I want to have automatic sprinklers.’ So when I got a lot of money the first thing I did was get automatic sprinklers on a 1,200 acre property. I would drive around on my golf cart watching the sprinklers go off. I loved that!

*Don’t be a coward – make a list of the things you want when you strike it rich. Just don’t gamble your money away – you’ve got to know when to hold them – know when to fold them.


Kim Cattrall 1956 – watch Sex and the City

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During an interview with Piers Morgan, Cattrall says she will not do another Sex and the City movie and that she was never really friends with her Sex and the City co-stars.

*Watch Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City – the TV show and/or movies. If you want a look at some of her classic work, watch Porky’s.


Wilt Chamberlain 1936 – 7-Up and an entire chicken

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When Wilt first went to the Lakers, he asked for 7-Up to be supplied in the locker room.

According to long-time Laker announcer Chick Hearn, Wilt did used to eat an entire chicken at halftime

If Wilt started at the age of 15, from then up to the age of 55 (when the book was published) he would have had 40 years to sleep with 20,000 women, or 500 different women a year—easy math.

That works out to roughly 1.4 women a day.

*Have a date over for some 7-up, chicken, and chill.

SNUB – Hayden Panettiere

Review –

  • Keep driving toward your future
  • Usain Bolt workout
  • You are created in the image of God
  • Don’t gamble your money away
  • Watch Sex and the City
  • 7-Up and a whole chicken