August 10

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Herbert Hoover 1874

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Hoover never finished high school, failed his college entrance exam and once admitted to college, wasn’t exactly the best of students. But he found a way to persevere once he found his niche: problem-solving, which led to an academic major, and then to a career as geologist and an engineer.

*Persevere and find your niche that will lead you to your true calling.


Kylie Jenner 1997

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Being fit to me means staying active. We get to travel a lot, so we’re always on the move. It’s important to get out as much as possible, and just keep moving.

*Get out as much as possible today. Just keep moving.


Bobby Hatfield 1940

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Bobby Hatfield is gone, but we have a feeling that his angelic voice is waiting for us.

*Listen to Bobby Hatfield’s angelic voice today. It’s good for your soul, and keeps you righteous.


Leo Fender 1909

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He made millions of dollars, yet remained a humble inventor. His coffee “mug” was a styrofoam cup with “Leo” printed on it. He brought his lunch to work every day because “With the money I save eating these sandwiches, I can buy a handful of resistors.”

*If you don’t already, bring your lunch to work today. Make it a habit. And stop paying so much for that fancy coffee. It all adds up.


Antonio Banderas 1960 – watch And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself

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One year I lived in nine different places, and landlords kept throwing me out when they realized I didn’t have any money! I remember walking down the street and looking between the sidewalk and the cars, in the hope that somebody dropped some coins. I did that every single day for months at a time. That’s how desperate I was.

*In June you had Pancho Villa stew, now watch Antonio Banderas play the Mexican outlaw.


Jimmy Dean 1928 – Mexican taco stuffed peppers

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One day, Jimmy Dean was sitting in a local diner in his hometown of Plainview, Texas. He was having sausage and eggs. Jimmy always did love sausage, but on this particular morning, he bit into a piece of gristle about the size of Texas. He turned to his brother Don and said, “You know, there has got to be room in this country for a good quality sausage!”

The rest is history. Jimmy Dean, the multi-talented country singer, TV show host and actor, went on to build America’s favorite sausage company right during the height of his entertainment career.

*Enjoy these Jimmy Dean Mexican taco stuffed peppers while watching Pancho Villa

SNUB – Betsey Johnson

Review –

  • Persevere and find your niche
  • Get out as much as possible
  • Listen to Bobby Hatfield 
  • Bring your lunch to work
  • Watch And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
  • Make Jimmy Dean Mexican taco stuffed peppers