August 16

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Wilhelm Wundt 1832

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Wundt argued that conscious mental states could be scientifically studied using introspection. Wundt’s introspection was not a causal affair, but a highly practiced form of self-examination. He trained psychology students to make observations that were biased by personal interpretation or previous experience, and used the results to develop a theory of conscious thought.


While you vacuum the house or wash the dishes, pay attention to how you feel. Do you feel tired, unenthused, uninspired, or apathetic? Put all your awareness into the act of doing the chores, and you will find that completing your daily tasks can actually be fun. Or, you might still hate doing chores, but either way, you can become aware of your thoughts during this time when most people let their brains run on autopilot.

If you give life to your chores and inject meaning into your daily tasks, you will feel more present in life rather than just being a silent spectator.

*Whatever you do around the house today, put all of your awareness into it. Don’t run on autopilot.


Madonna 1958

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Madonna follows a very strict macrobiotic diet that abolishes the consumption of wheat, eggs, meats, and dairy, and extolls the benefits of something called “sea vegetables.” You were expecting this woman to mess around? She does not mess around.

  • Start the day with a nourishing portion of miso soup and brown rice.
  • soy meat and spiral rice pasta for lunch
  • Dinnertime is a stew of barley and seaweed.

This is a woman who wrote a song where the chorus goes “I’m not your bitch / don’t lay your shit on me.” In the background of this chorus, she whispers, “Handle it.”

*No wheat, eggs, meats, or dairy today. Dance to Madonna for inspiration.


Wyatt Tee Walker 1928

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My basic faith was in the Lord. We were doing the right thing at the right time.

*Make sure that you are doing the right thing at the right time today, and have faith in the Lord. Strive to be on the right side of history.


James Cameron 1954

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There’s no job too small. Cameron would do everything from apply makeup to holding the camera if he could. His willingness to have a hand in every aspect of a film sets the standard for the work ethic and enthusiasm on his sets.

*Have a willingness to have a hand in every aspect of your job/company. Set the standard for other people’s work ethic and enthusiasm.


Steve Carell 1962 – watch Foxcatcher

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Human beings are incompetent risk managers. We readily accept present accommodations and fail to account for the price to be paid in the future.  When calamity strikes, we vow to be smarter next time, but seldom are. Life goes on, new ambitions arise and we try not to think too much about it.

The lessons of Foxcatcher, and many other things, never seem to be learned.

*Of course you should watch some reruns of The Office, or Anchorman, or 40 Year-Old Virgin,  but also watch Steve Carell almost win an Oscar in Foxcatcher


Angela Bassett 1958 – low calorie lemon bars

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Q: Where do you devote your charitable dollars?

A: It depends on what hits you in the heart. For me it has always been about children in St. Petersburg, helping the community where I grew up

*Make these low calorie lemon bars – don’t worry there’s no wheat, eggs, meat, or dairy. Watch Angela Bassett in What’s Love Got to do with it while enjoying them.

Wash them down with this 40 Year Old Virgin drinking game

*Some great birthdays today, but don’t forget that both Babe Ruth (1948) and Elvis Presley (1977) die on this day.

SNUB – Kathie Lee Gifford

Review –

  • Have self awareness
  • No wheat, eggs, meat, or dairy
  • Have faith in the Lord
  • There’s no job too small
  • Watch Foxcatcher 
  • Make low-calorie lemon bars