July 21



Ernest Hemingway 1899

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“Good times should be orchestrated and not left to the uncertainties of chance,”

“Plan fun as seriously as work, for they are of equal importance to Well-Being.”


A Farewell to Arms is all things perfect about the Hemingway style.

*Plan your fun as seriously as work today. Start reading A Farewell to Arms.


Sara Sampaio 1991

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“I wanted to build more muscle, so I went on a protein heavy diet for the 10 days leading up to the show — no sugar, no carbs and no dairy. It definitely worked because I felt how strong my body was after those 10 days. It wasn’t easy though! I love pizza, bread, pasta and candy, so cutting all of that out was very hard.”

*No sugar, carbs, or dairy today – this might interfere with your Hemingway type fun. If nothing else, focus on going protein heavy today.


Josh Hartnett 1978

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Miracle on the Mountain is based on the true story of professional hockey player Eric LeMarque. He survives – physically and spiritually – after being stranded atop the High Sierra Nevada Mountains for eight days. He is forced to face his past and rediscovers his faith as he struggles to survive.

*Watch Josh Hartnett star in Miracle on the Mountain to rediscover your faith.


Romeo Santos 1981

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Romeo has the advantage of coming from two powerful worlds: the street savvy of the Bronx with his strong heritage of Dominican culture and music. He is bicultural; he is bilingual and not shy to demonstrate it.

*If you haven’t pursued speaking another language, today is the day. Just think of how it would open up job opportunities for you and of course benefit your business going forward. Que pasa?


Robin Williams 1951 – watch Good Will Hunting

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*Robin Williams shares a birthday with Ernest Hemingway. Both men had their demons and each of them took their own life. Watch him win an Oscar in Good Will Hunting and learn from Robin Williams’ character.


Ali Landry 1973 – Layered Doritos Casserole

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With spots that perhaps screamed sex more than Doritos, she quickly became very popular with a brand that is often marketed to young men.


*Celebrate a day of fun with this layered Doritos casserole, compliments of the original Doritos “it girl” Ali Landry

SNUB – Don Knotts 1924

Review –

  • Plan your fun
  • Go protein heavy
  • Watch Miracle on the Mountain
  • Pursue speaking another language
  • Watch Good Will Hunting
  • Make layered Doritos casserole