July 28



John David Washington 1984

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“You have to adapt and adjust—you can’t take your sweet time all the time, but cherish your process.”

*Adapt and adjust throughout today. Cherish your process.


Terry Fox 1958

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Terry Fox Runs take place in over 9,000 communities across Canada every year and are accessible to anyone with no entry fee, no minimum pledge and a non-competitive atmosphere. Participants can run, walk, blade or bike and most of all have fun while raising funds for cancer research.


*Sign up for a Terry Fox Run today. Run 3.1 miles to prepare for it.


Jackie Kennedy 1929 – watch Jackie

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“One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness.”

If we can’t be in charge of our situations, we can at least be in charge of ourselves. We can try to focus on what we can control going forward. Jackie said seeing the world through her children’s eyes helped restore her faith in her family.

*Watch Jackie to learn how to deal with loss like Jackie Kennedy.


Dana White 1969

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“Rob Dyrdek called me after the sale, and he said, ‘I’ve got to ask you a question – how do you get up every day and run the race when you’ve already won the race?”

“I want to know how you strap your f—-ng shoes on and go to work every day.’ I said, ‘Because I was never in it for the money.’ I don’t even think about the money.”

*When your business of passion makes you rich, will you still want to run it every day? Sure you want to make money, but that money will be much sweeter if it comes from your passion.


Lori Loughlin 1964 – watch Full House (she bribed her way onto this)

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Elizabeth Berkley 1972 – watch Saved by the Bell

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*Go back to the 1980s and watch Loughlin in an episode of Full House and Berkley in an episode of Saved by the Bell.


Jim Davis 1945 – Garfield Lasagna

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Davis named Garfield after his grandfather, James Garfield Davis (who was named after President James Garfield).


*Hopefully this day doesn’t fall on a Monday, but even if it does, enjoy Garfield’s lasagna.

SNUB – Ali Krieger 1984

Ali Krieger Football Sticker by U.S. Soccer Federation for iOS & Android |  GIPHY

Review –

  • Cherish your process
  • Terry Fox run
  • Lift yourself up
  • Have a business of passion
  • Watch Full House and Saved by the Bell
  • Make Garfield Lasagna