January 26



Douglas MacArthur 1880

General Douglas MacArthur's Principles of Leadership @ LeadershipNow.com

“I Shall Return”

*Today is the day to learn a new trick to use all year long. If you are in an unwinnable situation, do not just quit or give up, say “I shall return.” This reminds you to revisit the situation when you are more prepared, and this time conquer it. Try this the next time you are in an argument and the other person will not listen to reason.


Wayne Gretzky 1961

Wayne Gretzky Nhl GIF - Wayne Gretzky Nhl Hockey - Discover & Share GIFs

“When you’re 6 years old, you want to do what makes you the happiest, and for me, it was to be able to skate in the backyard.”

*Think about when you were 6 years old.

What made you happiest?

That is your workout today. Maybe you are like Gretzky – find a local ice rink and go skating.

I’m going to get a Nerf basketball hoop and shoot hoops in my living room for hours.


Louis Zamperini 1917

Zamperini: The one thing he said that shook me up was, “When people come to the end of their rope and there’s nowhere else to turn, they turn to God.” I thought, That’s what I did on the raft. All I did was pray to God, every day. In prison camp, the main prayer was, “Get me home alive, God, and I’ll seek you and serve you.” I came home, got wrapped up in the celebration, and forgot about the hundreds of promises I’d made to God.”

*I highly suggest reading the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Think about, in times of desperation, when you made promises to God. Take today to follow through on one of those promises. Seek God and serve him today.


Vince Carter 1977

vince carter gifs | WiffleGif

What’s the best financial advice that you got?

“Put yourself on an allowance. That’s what I was told. Put yourself on a budget. My mother is a business major and that’s her thing and I have an accountant, a great accountant, to this day even – and he’s like ‘enjoy your life but being frugal is not a bad thing.”

*What is your allowance going to be for next month?


Paul Newman 1925 – watch The Color of Money

Best Colour Of Money GIFs | Gfycat

*Watch Newman win his only Oscar (nominated 10 times) in The Color of Money.

BONUS: Eddie Van Halen 1955 (d. 2020) – Rock out to Van Halen all day

Van Halen GIFs | Tenor


Ellen DeGeneres 1958

Ellen GIFs | Tenor

Breakfast: Ellen’s chef has recipes to fit in her vegan lifestyle, including banana oatmeal pancakes []

Lunch: Ellen’s chef has written a cookbook full of vegan delights! He created an avocado Reuben []

Dinner: Pasta arrabiata (which translates to “angry pasta”) is on Ellen’s list of favorite foods []

*Eat like Ellen for every meal today.


SNUB – Sasha Banks 1992

Sasha Banks GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

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