April 18

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Conan O’Brien 1963

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“Like many people, I thought that achieving that goal would define me as successful. But that is not true. No specific job or career goal defines me, and it should not define you… whether you fear it or not, disappointment will come. The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.”


*Accept disappointment as a way to gain clarity and with that clarity comes conviction and true originality.


Miguel Cabrera 1983

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  • Assume athletic stance with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Pushing off right leg, hop laterally left for distance
  • Land on left leg; hold landing
  • Pushing off left leg, hop laterally right for distance
  • Land on right leg; hold landing
  • Perform continuously for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 3-4×6 (3 each leg)


*Try doing these skaters like one of the greatest hitters in MLB history.


Clarence Darrow 1857

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The theory of evolution fit well into Darrow’s pessimistic philosophy of life.  He saw abundant evidence of pain and uncaring cruelty in the world, much as Darwin saw nature in general as characterized by the relentless struggle for survival.  Certain deterministic aspects of the theory appealed to him as well.  Darrow had long argued that human behavior was the product of genes and environmental influences, not free choice.


*Is your behavior today determined by your genes and environmental influences or your free choice?


Clifton Hillegass 1918

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In 1958, he borrowed $4000 from the local bank and began channeling his love of literature into a series of guide books he called Cliff’s Notes. Within 10 years, his little black and yellow books were a million-dollar business.


*Find out how much money your bank would loan you to start your dream business.


James Woods 1947 – watch Ghosts of Mississippi

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James Woods has a wild craving for a cigar, and he has sent a publicist to the hotel suite of Alec Baldwin, his co-star in “Ghosts of Mississippi,” with this message: “Tell Alec . . . if he doesn’t have one I’ll come down and beat the [expletive] out of him.”

Woods is, of course, playing. But few people play nasty and threatening as well as Woods, an actor who has forged a memorable career out of evil, sleaze and moral conflict. With a gift for edgy volatility, and a pair of hard, shifty eyes, he has taken villainy to new levels of subtlety, from his psychotic cop killer in 1979’s “The Onion Field” and his Emmy-winning portrait of Roy Cohn in 1992’s “Citizen Cohn” to his low-life pimp in last year’s “Casino.”


*As you watch James Woods in Ghosts of Mississippi, think about the work environment of him filming with Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Rob Reiner.


Melissa Joan Hart 1976 – Mexican street corn salad

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“I am going to be making this new street corn salad, which I learned about from my friends at Heluva Good!,” she tells Us Weekly of her go-to Independence Day recipe. “I’m super excited about that and it’s super great to bring with you to a party or whatever. I just love all of their dips and they’re so easy for this.”



*Make this heluva good Mexican street corn salad compliments of a teenage witch.

SNUB – Kourtney Kardashian

Review –

  • Accept disappointment to gain clarity
  • Skaters
  • Nature or nurture?
  • How much money would your bank give you?
  • Watch Ghosts of Mississippi
  • Make Mexican street corn salad

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