July 13

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Julius Caesar 100 BC

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Legend has it that Caesar looked upon a statue of Alexander the Great while serving in Spain and became dissatisfied with his accomplishments since he was already at the age of 32 at which Alexander had passed. Sometimes we need to compare ourselves to other greats to bring out our own A game.


*Compare yourself to someone who was already dead at your age, who achieved much more than you have. For me it’s JFK, who died at 46. I’ll be 47 tomorrow.


Spud Webb 1963 – 5’7” – play a game of pickup basketball

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Teaming with Doc Rivers, Spud went on to average over 10 points, five assists a game, play in several playoff series and of course, win the slam-dunk championship at the 1986 All-Star game, beating out Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan.


*If Spud Webb can win the NBA slam dunk contest at 5’7”, you can dominate a game of pickup basketball today – maybe even dunk on somebody.


He Pingping 1988 – 2’5”

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“For such a small man, he made a huge impact around the world. When I first met him, I knew he is very special: He always smiles, and is very mischievous. You can’t help liking him. He lights up the lives of people he knows, and is an inspiration to anyone considered different or unusual.”


*Smile all day today. Have people walk away liking you. Light up the lives of people you know.


Erno Rubik 1944

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He is about to mark his return with a puzzle that, if anything, is more difficult to solve than the once-ubiquitous cube, which during a three-year run generated sales that have been estimated at 100 million authorized copies, 50 million unauthorized ”knockoffs,” and at least 10 million books explaining how it could be solved. The enterprise also netted millions of dollars for the Hungarian economy and its entrepreneurial son, Mr. Rubik.


*What is your Rubik’s Cube? What’s your million dollar idea? Or 100 million dollar idea? Think about it while solving a Rubik’s Cube for motivation.


Harrison Ford 1942 – watch Raiders of the Lost Ark

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In the summer of 1981, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Harrison Ford banded together to introduce moviegoers to a new kind of action hero. In the intervening years, Indiana Jones has made three more big-screen appearances (plus one television series)—with one more film on the way for 2019.


*Make July 13th your Indiana Jones movie marathon day each year.

SIDE NOTE – I wanted to name my son Indiana, but my wife and I have compromised (key to a successful marriage) on Henry Jones – Indiana’s real name.


Cheech Marin 1946 – Manchaca

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Counterculture legend Cheech Marin came of age at an interesting time in America and became a self-made counterculture legend with his other half, Tommy Chong.


*Smoke weed and enjoy Cheech’s Manchaca.

SNUB – Ken Jeong

Review –

  • Compare yourself to other greats
  • Play basketball
  • Light up the lives of people
  • What is your Rubik’s Cube idea?
  • Watch Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Make Cheech’s Manchaca