July 27

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Leo Durocher 1905

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Leo was never what you would call nice. He didn’t grow old gracefully, and it cost him. A lovable guy with Leo’s credentials, with Leo’s contributions to baseball lore over a five-decade period, would long ago have been enshrined in Cooperstown. But life is choices, and Leo made his. He told off The Babe, rolled the dice in Havana and Vegas, clinked the glasses with Sinatra, danced the rhumbas with Laraine Day, won a pennant in Ebbets Field, presided over the greatest comeback in sports history, burped Mays and knew that, Cooperstown plaque or no Cooperstown plaque, he had lived a Life.


*Life is choices. What choices are you making when it comes to how you treat people? How will you be remembered? Does it even matter to you? Live your life.


Jordan Spieth 1993 – driving range

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A lot of people wonder how a 21-year-old with average power (I finished 89th in driving distance) can be so successful. The answer is simple: I know how to score.


*Play a round of golf today or at least hit a bucket of balls at the local driving range, maybe you can outdrive Spieth.


St. Agostino Roscelli 1818

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Many of the girls resorted to prostitution. Fr Roscelli, appreciating that their lives were being ruined by hunger as much as by immorality, gathered together a group of charitable women and founded a “sewing shop” where waifs were given not merely Christian instruction but also practical and professional training.




*Looking to help women but not sure where to give? Consider WFN, a coalition of private and community foundations around the world.


Alex Rodriguez 1975

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As Rodriguez also tells young professional athletes, “you have an incredible opportunity if you’re frugal and you’re smart and you put your money away early. The ability to have compound interest over 20, 30, 40 years — you can be a very wealthy young person in a very short period of time.”


You may be surprised at how quickly this can add up. At 8% simple interest, your $10,000 investment would be worth $34,000 after 30 years. However, using compound interest, the value would balloon to more than $100,000.


*Be frugal. Be smart. And start getting compound interest on your investments and savings today.


Taylor Schilling 1984 – watch Orange is the New Black

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They say life is about learning from your mistakes and moving on.

But, why wait to make a mistake when TV is full of loads of other people doing stupid things that you can learn from?

There’s no better place to cheat-learn from other people’s errors than Netflix’s award-winning Orange is the New Black.


*Watch the first season of Orange is the New Black to cheat-learn from the mistakes of Taylor Schilling.


Maya Rudolph 1972 – Bridesmaids Brazilian Skirt Steak

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“I think I will always be the lady who took a s— on the street,” Rudolph, 46, joked, later adding, “This happens to me all the time, people are always like, ‘You’re the lady who took a s— on the street!’”



*Hopefully your experience with this Brazilian skirt steak works out better for you than Maya Rudolph and her bridesmaids. It’s happening.

SNUB – Triple H

Review –

  • You will be remembered by how you treat people
  • Hit a bucket of balls at the driving range
  • Donate to WFN
  • Get compound interest on your investments
  • Watch Orange is the New Black
  • Make Bridesmaids Brazilian Skirt Steak