July 31

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JK Rowling 1965

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It took years of writing compulsively—through her childhood and into her early 20s—before Jo found the right story to tell. At age 25, Jo was riding on a delayed train from Manchester to London when one single idea flashed into her mind: Boy doesn’t know he’s a wizard, goes to wizard school. After that, Jo says her mind was flooded with ideas for Harry Potter.


*Keep writing. Keep creating. One day a single idea will flash into your mind and it will be flooded with ideas. This happened to me with 365DOLF, but at the age of 45 instead of 25 – doesn’t matter to me.

If you’re caught up with your reading, today would be a good day to start reading the Harry Potter series of books.


Wesley Snipes 1962

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Take home point: Lackluster effort won’t get you there, and too much effort will ensure that you burn out before you do. Don’t make the pursuit of your goals more difficult than it needs to be.


*Put the right amount of effort into this Wesley Snipes workout. Find a white man to play basketball with at a local park.


Herbert Armstrong 1892

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Now, God set His law in motion to make man happy. God set His law there to give us peace, to give us abundance, and prosperity, to make us happy, to make our lives full, and interesting. Until there is not a dull moment, but we live fully, abundantly, happily, joyfully. God wants us to be merry and happy.


*Be merry and happy today. God wants you to.


Mark Cuban 1958

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“The small changes will lead you to be able to make the big changes.”

You could start by saving on toothpaste, for instance.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, billionaire Mark Cuban shared exactly how to do that: Buy in bulk and on sale.

“It’s so hard to make a return on regular investments that … you’re better off buying two years’ worth of toothpaste when it’s on 50 percent discount,” he says. “There’s an immediate return on your money.”

Don’t stop with toothpaste, either. This strategy applies to “any reusables or consumables that you have to have,” the billionaire tells Vanity Fair. “When they’re on a huge sale on Amazon, buy them, because chances are, their prices are going to go up. That’s a real savings that you get to put in your pocket.”

As for where to stash your cash once you start saving big: Invest it in “the cheapest SPX mutual fund you can find,” says Cuban.



*Use this last day of July as the day to go to a Sam’s Club or buy in bulk off of Amazon. As a teacher, I’ll buy in bulk everything I’ll need for school for the next 10 months. I’m also going to invest $100 in…

Schwab S&P 500 Index Fund

Symbol:  SWPPX

Net Expense Ratio: 0.09%

Minimum Initial Investment:  $100


Zac Brown 1978 – Zac Brown Band

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Don’t take the little things for granted

Sometimes it may be hard to see the big picture and realize that it really is the little things that end up meaning the most. A lot of times especially in today’s society we tend to get wrapped up in materialistic items. When at the end of the day it’s really about the people you surround yourselves with and the relationships you make that end up meaning the most.

“It’s funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most.” –Chicken Fried


*Listen to the Zac Brown Band while realizing how much that the little things throughout today have meant to you.


Rico Rodriguez 1998 – grilled chicken and rice

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He has big plans beyond acting. “I like the Food Network, because I want to be a chef,” says Rico Rodriguez, 12. “I cook grilled chicken and microwaveable rice. That’s my meal.” Any secret ingredients? “Mrs. Dash [seasoning],” he reveals.


*Listen to the Zac Brown Band while making this and then watch Manny in Modern Family while enjoying his grilled chicken and rice recipe. Wash it down with some more butter beer.

SNUB – A.J. Green

Review –

  • Keep writing. Keep creating
  • Wesley Snipes workout
  • Be merry and happy
  • Invest in the cheapest SPX mutual fund you can find
  • Listen to the Zac Brown Band
  • Make grilled chicken and rice