July 17

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Donald Sutherland 1935

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I don’t get impressed. I admire. I love. But I do not get impressed. It’s a fault.



*Admire and love – but avoid being impressed today.


Carey Hart 1975 – mind > body

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MF: So it’s more mental than physical?

CH: Definitely. The reason its way more mental is because it’s amazing what your body can go through, how resilient [it] is, and how much you can heal especially if you take care of yourself. I’ve done some devastating things to my body and I’ve bounced back.


*Step 1: Get your workout gear on

Step 2: Drive to the gym

Step 3: work out.

It’s mind over matter.


Luke Bryan 1976

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Life Can Be What You Make It

Luke has had two siblings pass away unexpectedly. “Drink a Beer” took on a whole new meaning to me when I realized that. It’s amazing to me that such a lighthearted performer has been through so much – and can address it when he needs to but also live life without throwing a pity party for himself. I think that’s admirable and something we should all look to model.


*Live your life. No one wants to come to your pity party.


John Jacob Astor 1763

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While his lobbying of Congress continued, Astor briefly turned his attention away from the fur trade. In 1816, he purchased 10 tons of opium from the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey) and shipped it to Canton, China, aboard one of his American Fur Company ships—despite China’s banning of the drug 17 years earlier. After turning a tidy profit on the illegal enterprise, Astor abruptly ended his involvement in 1819. Astor was the first American known to traffic the drug in China, but certainly not the last—several early American fortunes were built on the Chinese opium trade, including that of Warren Delano Jr., the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


*The moral here is to find a way to make ends meet until your main business takes off. Don’t sell drugs.


Jason Clarke 1969 – watch Chappaquiddick

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Jason Clarke takes us back in history to a moment that most Democrats would rather forget in Chappaquiddick, the story of the July 18, 1969 night that Ted Kennedy drove his car off the bridge, causing the drowning death of aspiring political strategist Mary Jo Kopechne


*I love the Kennedys – maybe because they are not perfect and have their flaws but they’ve always wanted what is best for the people. Watch Jason Clarke in Chappaquiddick to see one of their worst incidents.


David Hasselhoff 1952 – 6’4 daily routine

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At 6 feet 4 inches tall, the actor tips the scale at a trim 195 pounds.

For breakfast, Hasselhoff says, “I eat a lot of fruit in the morning. Watermelon, grapes, pineapple, and strawberries give me a lot of natural energy and the water my body needs.”

At 10 a.m., I’ll start eating vegetables for a mid-morning snack: carrot sticks, tomatoes, mushrooms, green and red peppers slices, and celery. For lunch, I’ll have pasta without sauce or grilled chicken and fish, never fried. Sometimes, I’ll have rice. The protein and the carbohydrates, gives me a lot of energy, so I can work the entire afternoon with no snacks at all.”

Hasselhoff has practiced what Europeans have been doing for centuries and that is, taking a nap, often called “the power nap,” right after lunch.

“I also drink about 5 quarts of bottled water every day. It cleanses the skin and makes a big difference in my complexion. Dinner is usually more chicken or fish and rice with lots of vegetables. I seldom eat red meat. I never have desserts…. sometimes a couple of cookies. I also stay away from alcohol, heavy sauces, butter, oils, fried foods, and sugar. I never feel deprived in any way. I can eat as much as I want and I won’t gain weight.”

BONUS: Angela Merkel 1954 – Yes Hasselhoff shares a birthday with the chancellor of Germany – the country that adores him like a God.

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Merkel’s favorite food is said to be green cabbage and Mettwurst — or minced pork sausage. She was elected “Cabbage Queen” in Oldenburg in 2001.


*Follow “The Hof’s” daily eating routine and use Angela Merkel’s cabbage for some of his daily vegetable intake.

SNUB – Derrick Henry

Review –

  • Don’t get impressed
  • It’s more mental than physical
  • Life can be what you make it
  • Make ends meet until your business pays off
  • Watch Chappaquiddick
  • Hasselhoff’s daily meal plan