March 17



Bobby Jones 1902

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While there is no doubt Jones is the finest amateur golfer the game has ever produced, there’s a strong argument that he was the greatest golfer, period.

He played against the course, not the competition

*Good advice for life as well. Don’t worry about what others are doing, live your life to the fullest.


Rob Lowe 1964

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Lowe spotted a shirtless photo of himself in a magazine’s Worst Beach Bodies and decided it was time to get in shape.

*Take a picture of yourself (before you start boozing tonight) without a shirt on. Hopefully your body is looking better than on January 1, but we still have a long year ahead of us. Take another picture before you go out on New Years Eve.


Nat King Cole 1919

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Nat ‘King’ Cole – a virtuoso whose music still soothes the soul.

*Listen to Nat King Cole to soothe your soul today.


John Boyega 1992

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Boyega has been making some interesting purchases with his Star Wars money.

  • two lion statues nestled right at the foot of his bed
  • a saxophone that had been converted into a lamp
  • a Roman helmet on a pedestal
  • a little medieval knight that holds the toilet paper for you

*You can use Boyega (Finn) as an example to not spend your money on stupid stuff or as an example to work really hard so you can buy whatever you want.


Gary Sinise 1955 – watch Forrest Gump

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*Watch Gary Sinise almost win an Oscar in Forrest Gump. Drink like Lt. Dan tonight.

BONUS: Kurt Russell 1951

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No really, Kurt Russell was in Forrest Gump

He did the voice for Elvis.  He wasn’t credited, but he was there.

*Watch Tombstone and drink like Wyatt Earp tonight.


Mia Hamm 1972 – Irish Whiskey Ham

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*Enjoy this Irish whiskey ham on St. Patrick’s Day while watching Forrest Gump and Tombstone. Play some soccer (Irish football) (like Mia Hamm) to burn it all off.

SNUB – Billy Corgan 1967

Review –

  • Play against the course (life) not the competition
  • Take a picture of yourself with no shirt on
  • Listen to Nat King Cole
  • Don’t buy stupid stuff
  • Watch Forrest Gump and Tombstone
  • Make Irish Whiskey Ham