March 20



B.F. Skinner 1904

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Take any sentence in which ”the mind” is said to do something and see if the meaning is substantially changed if you substitute ”person.” . . .

*You control your mind, not the other way around.


Pat Riley 1945

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This is life at “Camp Riley,” a nickname for Coach Pat Riley’s grueling eight-day training camp. Riley was so eager to get started, he put the team on the floor to start practice last Friday at 12:01 A.M.

*Start the day off right, by working out at 12:01 AM


Fred Rogers 1928

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It was Mr. Rogers’ indiscriminate love of humanity that prompted his decades-long admiration.

*Get to know your neighbors today. Do something nice for a neighbor – mow their yard, bring them soup, anything to be a soulful neighbor. Have an indiscriminate love for humanity.


Jamal Crawford 1980

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“But what I’m most proud about in my career so far is that I’ve played for 18 different coaches who all see things differently. And I found a way to not only thrive but survive.”

*You be the boss, or be prepared to work for several different ones that all see things differently. As a worker you’ll need to find a way to survive and thrive.


William Hurt 1950 – watch Kiss of the Spider Woman

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*Watch William Hurt win an Oscar in Kiss of the Spider Woman.

Spike Lee 1957 – watch Black KkKlansman

Spike Lee wins his first Oscar, 30 years after 'Do the Right Thing'

*Do the right thing and watch Spike Lee win an Oscar in Black KkKlansman

Holly Hunter 1958 – watch The Piano

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*Watch Holly Hunter win an Oscar in The Piano.


Kathy Ireland 1963 – Far East dreams chicken salad

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*Enjoy Kathy Ireland’s chicken salad, and check out her website too – it is 365DOLFish

SNUB – Ruby Rose 1986

Review –

  • Control your mind
  • Work out at 12:01 am
  • Be a good neighbor
  • Survive and thrive at work
  • Watch Kiss of the Spider Woman, Black KkKlansman, and The Piano
  • Make Kathy Ireland Chicken Salad