January 24



Sharon Tate 1943

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“I’m very unpredictable. Very, very impulsive. Extremely. Absolutely! Sometimes I don’t know what I want to do from one day to the next. I can’t enjoy anything premeditated; I just do it as I feel it. But whatever I do is motivated by honesty.”

*Describe how you are each of the following –

Unpredictable – ______________________________________________________________________

Impulsive – _________________________________________________________________________

Honest – ____________________________________________________________________________


Tatyana Ali 1979

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“Health, to me, is more mental and spiritual than physical,” says Ali. “But with the physical, I drink lots of water and sleep. You don’t have to be out all the time. Go home and go to sleep. If you’re comfortable with yourself and you’re being yourself then your health will radiate.”

*Drink lots of water today. Catch up on your sleep tomorrow – sleep off your hangover.

Did you drink 8 glasses of water today? Check each box as you do… []  []  []  []  []  []  []  [] 

When you wake up hungover in the morning answer this question…

Did you get 8 hours of sleep?


Oral Roberts 1919

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The Oral Roberts Ministries Prayer Group believes in prayer! They believe that prayer is the key that unlocks the throne of God’s mercy.

*Go to his website and send a prayer request. Whatever is weighing most on your mind today, get on your knees and use Oral to help in prayer.

What is your prayer request?


Neil Diamond 1941

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“Songwriting gives me the greatest joy, the greatest sense of accomplishment, the sense that my life does have some purpose, although I don’t fully understand it right now. It’s what I am.”

*Hopefully, you are striving to do what gives you the greatest joy and the greatest sense of accomplishment for a living.


Ed Helms 1974 – watch The Hangover

GIF very bad trip the hangover the hangover movie - animated GIF on GIFER -  by Broadgrove

*Get together with your wolf pack and watch The Hangover. Booze it up so you can experience a hangover tomorrow morning. You have been working hard, and you deserve to let loose. Make a dentist appointment for 2/13 at 2:30.


John Belushi 1949 – Billy Goat Cheezborger

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THE BUN – Kaiser        THE PICKLES – Kosher Dill Pickle Cheeps

THE MEATFresh. Never Frozen. All-natural. 100% Beef 

*On John Belushi’s birthday, make Billy Goat Tavern cheezborgers. Try not to yell out “food fight” as you and your wolf pack watch The Hangover and maybe follow it up with Animal House and/or The Blues Brothers

Wash it down with some Hangover Roofied Jager shots.

A Doctor’s Advice: The worst hangover booze on earth: Jäger. “All of my worst cases have included the stuff. Germans, they don’t even drink it! It’s practically diesel.”

Jager Bomb GIFs | Tenor

SNUB – Mischa Barton 1986 – don’t drink and drive

Mischa Barton FINALLY Opens Up About Her "Full-On Breakdown" During The  O.C. Days! - Perez Hilton

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