March 20

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B.F. Skinner 1904

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The mind that has been restored to prominence by the cognitive revolution . . . executes cognitive processes. It perceives the world, organizes sense data into meaningful wholes, processes information, and so on. In fact, the mind seems to be merely the double of the person whose mind it is. It is a replica, a surrogate, a doppelganger. Take any sentence in which ”the mind” is said to do something and see if the meaning is substantially changed if you substitute ”person.” . . .

*You control your mind, not the other way around.


Pat Riley 1945

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Players leave the gym after morning practice — tired and sometimes sore. They are still required to lift weights each day. Then after lunch and a nap, a night practice session awaits. And don’t forget, players must also learn their playbooks.

This is life at “Camp Riley,” a nickname for Knicks Coach Pat Riley’s grueling eight-day training camp. Riley was so eager to get started, he put the team on the floor to start practice last Friday at 12:01 A.M. So much for easing into camp gradually.

*Start the day off right, by working out at 12:01 AM


Fred Rogers 1928

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“Fred Rogers had a universal appeal and was respected in every neighborhood because he loved children — all children,” Welles said, adding that it was precisely Mr. Rogers’ indiscriminate love of humanity that prompted his decades-long admiration of the Pittsburgh icon.

*Get to know your neighbors today. If you already do know them, spend some time with them. Won’t you be my neighbor? Better yet, do something nice for a neighbor – mow their yard, bring them soup, anything to be a soulful neighbor.


Frederick Winslow Taylor 1856

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Taylor believed in finding the right jobs for workers, and then paying them well for the increased output. He advocated paying the person and not the job and believed that unions would be unnecessary if workers were paid their individual worth.

*Recognize who excels at their job where you work and let them know it. Pay them more if you can, or simply tell them that if it were up to you, you would pay them more because they are worth it.


Spike Lee 1957 – watch Do the Right Thing

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“He was trying to show me his sophisticated side by selecting an independent filmmaker,” Michelle Obama said, reflecting on seeing Do the Right Thing on her first date with her future husband—and the future president. On the 25th anniversary of Lee’s film, Barack Obama recorded a video message thanking Lee for helping him impress Michelle. Other options for that first date? Batman and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids were still in theaters, and The Karate Kid Part III came out the same weekend as Do the Right Thing.

*Do the right thing and watch Do the Right Thing. Make it you first date with someone who could be your first lady one day.


Kathy Ireland 1963 – Far East dreams chicken salad

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911 for Kids International Ambassador

Kathy Ireland serves as International Ambassador of 9-1-1 for Kids and National Chair of Family Services/ Parenting for Athletes & Entertainers for Kids. She has worked with the organization since 1997

*Enjoy her chicken salad, and check out her website too – it is 365DOLFish

SNUB – Ruby Rose

Review –

  • Control your mind
  • Work out at 12:01 am
  • Be a good neighbor
  • Recognize who excels at their job
  • Watch Do the Right Thing
  • Make Kathy Ireland Chicken Salad

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