April 6

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Raphael 1483

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Raphael achieved ‘sprezzatura’ which is a certain nonchalance that conceals all artistry and makes whatever he painted to look uncontrived and effortless. It was this ‘effortlessness’ of Raphael’s paintings that drove Michelangelo mad with jealousy.



*Your goal is to achieve “sprezzatura” in life. Make life look effortless and drive people mad with jealousy.


Hilary Rhoda 1987

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I love SoulCycle. I don’t know if you can still even call it a trend at this point because it’s been around for a long time now. For me, I never get sick of it. It’s just a great workout. It’s so convenient too because they’re all over the city and they’re every hour, so you can go after work, before work, on your lunch break, any time.




*Make it to your local SoulCycle and get a convenient and great workout.


Ram Dass 1931

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If you know you’re dreaming, can you continue to dream? That’s what the soul does – the soul appreciates that it’s a dream and that it contains the ego. If you push away the ego, if you cultivate an aversion to that dream, you’re never going to be free because there will be an attachment.



BONUS: William Branham 1909

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The soul only has one sense: Faith (if one is born again), or unbelief (if one is not born again).  It is either the nature of God or the nature of Satan


*Ram Dass makes an excellent read but Branham excels in simplicity. Ask yourself – do you have faith or unbelief?


Billy Dee Williams 1937

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Creativity costs money, even when you’re on a two-year art scholarship. The story goes that when Williams once ran out of money to pay for his art supplies, he decided to do something he hadn’t done since he was seven years old: acting.



*Think about something you haven’t done since you were seven years old, and how you could do that to make your fame and fortune.


Paul Rudd 1969 –watch I Love You Man

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In the end, we see that friendship has transformed Peter into a healthier version of himself. The friendship instills many facets of mental health: self-exploration (Sydney questions Peter’s motives for marriage), overcoming fears (Sydney increases Peter’s professional exposure as a real estate agent), finding balance (Peter’s sense of masculinity increases) and gaining self-efficacy (Peter learns that he can make friends). Considering the lessons about friendship buried in the subtext, I Love You, Man could also be called, I Love You, Self.




*Overcome your fears and find balance by watching Paul Rudd in I Love You Man.


Candace Cameron 1976 – turkey tacos

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Bure, who is open about the fact that she suffered from bulimia in her 20s, admits she keeps “a fairly strict diet” because her job depends on it.


*Make these turkey tacos part of your 365DOLF “fairly strict diet”

SNUB – Zach Braff

Review –

  • Achieve “Sprezzatura”
  • Soulcycle
  • Do you have faith or unbelief?
  • Go back to your youth for fame and fortune
  • Watch I Love You Man
  • Make turkey tacos

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