September 28

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Confucius 551 bc

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Confucianism is often characterized as a system of social and ethical philosophy rather than a religion. In fact, Confucianism built on an ancient religious foundation to establish the social values, institutions, and transcendent ideals of traditional Chinese society. It was what sociologist Robert Bellah called a “civil religion,” (1) the sense of religious identity and common moral understanding at the foundation of a society’s central institutions. It is also what a Chinese sociologist called a “diffused religion”; (3) its institutions were not a separate church, but those of society, family, school, and state; its priests were not separate liturgical specialists, but parents, teachers, and officials. Confucianism was part of the Chinese social fabric and way of life; to Confucians, everyday life was the arena of religion.

Only when things are investigated is knowledge extended; only when knowledge is extended are thoughts sincere; only when thoughts are sincere are minds rectified; only when minds are rectified are the characters of persons cultivated; only when character is cultivated are our families regulated; only when families are regulated are states well governed; only when states are well governed is there peace in the world.(3)

  1. “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.”

Remember to follow the “Golden Rule!”

*Confucianism could be the official religion of 365DOLF. Follow the Golden Rule today to get the ball rolling for peace in the world.


Naomi Watts 1968

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Her mum and dad, Myfanwy Roberts and Peter Watts, or “Miv” and “Puddy”, were young when they became parents. Very cool. Miv modelled and Puddy was the sound engineer for Pink Floyd. (He narrowly missed his daughter’s birth in 1968 because the band were touring Scotland in a Ford Transit.) Among the few surviving photographs Watts has of this era, there’s one in which she and her parents are on a beach in St Tropez with Pink Floyd, all wild hair and skimpy swimmies. She recalls being a kid who craved the opposite. “I’d had enough of cool. I didn’t want cool. I wanted my parents to wear three-piece suits and tweed, not leather pants and four-inch platform boots.”

Watts is a regular visitor to Burn 60 that offers high-intensity group workouts for men and women designed to provide an effective fitness regime in a 60 minute class.

*Attend a burn60 workout class or try it at home from an online source. Watch Naomi Watts almost win an Oscar in The Impossible for motivation.


Brigitte Bardot 1934

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So in 1973, Bardot stopped acting, retreated to her home in France and dedicated her life to her real passion: animal welfare. She established a rescue organization, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, and became politically active about animal rights.

*Don’t be afraid to dedicate your life to your true passion. Think of donating to Brigitte Bardot’s Foundation or a local animal shelter.


Thomas Crapper 1836

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The legend of Thomas Crapper takes its flavor from the real man’s life. While Crapper may not be the inventor of the product he is most often associated with, his contribution to England’s plumbing history is significant. And the man’s legend, well, it lives on despite all proof to contrary.

How to Make Money on Your Phone… From the Toilet

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  1. Play This Game

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The app is free to download — and play.

  1. Start Investing — but Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Saving money is hard. Investing? Usually harder. Automating the process lets you get started on both without thinking about it.

A micro-investing app does that for you. Here are our favorites:

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Stash curates investments from professional fund managers and investors and lets you choose where to put your money.

But it leaves the complicated investment terms out of it. You just choose from a set of simple portfolios reflecting your beliefs, interests and goals.

With Acorns, you can start small and stack up change over time with its “round-up” feature. That means if you spend $10.23 at the grocery store, 77 cents gets dropped into your Acorns account.

Then, the app does the whole investing thing for you.

The idea is you won’t miss the digital pocket change, and the automatic savings stack up faster than you’d think.

Bonus: Sign up for either app, and you’ll get an extra $5 after making your first investment.

  1. Drop Your $10/Month Gym Membership

Analyzing your monthly budget is, to put it simply, not fun. But you’re just sitting here for the next few minutes. Put it to use by cleaning up your monthly bills with this simple trick.

We all sign up for stuff. Sometimes it’s easier to put subscriptions on a recurring payment and forget about it. Getting rid of the subscriptions you’re not using and socking away the savings could save you a ton of money.

Download TrueBill, an app that’ll negotiate your bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions and refund your bank fees.

After downloading the app, create an account and link your bank account and/or credit cards. Turn on the bill negotiation and outage protection features. Boom. TrueBill is already searching for potential refunds — it might get you a refund even when you didn’t know an outage occurred.

On average, Truebill customers get $12 in credits off their cable bills each month.

The app will also remind you of all those sneaky subscriptions you’ve signed up for through the years, so you can cancel what you don’t use and reclaim your monthly budget.

*On Thomas Crapper’s birthday, start making money while on your… crapper.


Mira Sorvino 1967 – watch Mighty Aphrodite

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Mighty Aphrodite won Sorvino an Oscar and made her name, but I once read she would think twice about taking the role now, given her campaign work as UN goodwill ambassador to combat human trafficking. “I think now it would be odd for me, just because of my position,” she says. “Linda is a great comedic character and I certainly don’t regret playing her.” But, she adds: “You could make the case that Linda is a trafficking victim because her pimp controls her life. She is very sad in her situation, she doesn’t want to continue in it. But it’s not a movie that was meant to be tackling social issues, it’s meant as a Pygmalion story.”

*Watch Mira Sorvino win her lone Oscar as a porn star prostitute for Woody Allen.


Hilary Duff 1987 – fresh ricotta cheese

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Listen, Don’t Just Hear — “The Perfect Man”

Although the central theme of this movie is that there is no such thing as the perfect man, Hilary Duff’s character goes beyond that to show the importance of not forgetting about those around you even when your significant other might just be at your doorstep. Just because you’re in love, don’t forget to dedicate time and effort to those who have always done the same for you.

Her other culinary pleasure is cheese, which is the “key to a happy life,” according to the actress.

*Listen to some Hilary Duff while making her sister’s fresh ricotta cheese – the key to a happy life. Enjoy it with someone who has dedicated time and effort to you.

SNUB – Janeane Garofalo

Review –

  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • burn60 workout
  • Dedicate your life to your true passion
  • Make money while on the crapper
  • Watch Mighty Aphrodite
  • Make fresh ricotta cheese

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