March 1

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Ron Howard 1954

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Instead of trying to force or “push” his ideas into the minds of other people, Ron Howard uses “pull.” He gets decision-makers excited, asks good questions to draw out their creativity, and incorporates their feedback.

He turns listeners into collaborators, partners, and allies.

*Try to get someone to think like you today by leading them to what you want and making them think it was there idea all along. Ron Howard did just direct the Han Solo movie, so consider this his form of a Jedi mind trick.


Kesha 1987

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Kesha loves a challenge! I switch it up all the time. Today, we did a 24-minute Tabata-inspired routine that only focused on arms using 10-pound weights, an eight-pound ball and a resistance band. So she did a total of six exercises for four minutes each (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). Then for the second half, we did Pilates that mainly focused on her core.

*Start your day by brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack, then Tabata and Pilates becomes your challenge today. Do all of this while listening to Kesha. It’s going down for real.


Harry Belafonte 1927

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What counts is your legacy

“The curse of this time, and the biggest evil that has contaminated the arts, is commercialization. The banks run culture and the artist often capitulates. I preferred a time when you were surrounded by independence and what counted was the vastness of the opportunity. Many artists and writers and musicians died broke but they left a rich artistic legacy.”

In 1964, Belafonte convinced a hesitant Poitier to help him deliver $70,000 stuffed into a doctor’s bag to Freedom Summer volunteers in the South. They were met by Klansmen who chased them and fired guns at them.

*What legacy are you leaving?


Justin Bieber 1994

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Learn To Invest

You may be surprised to learn that Justin Bieber invests heavily in tech startups. Forbes estimates that Justin has invested around $3 million into a variety of different tech startups. Although many of the startups that Justin Bieber invests in don’t link directly back to him (much like an endorsement), he still continues to invest in startups.

Investing is a great way to earn a bit of money on the side. Whether you invest in startups, stocks, property or other things, it’s important that you learn to take advantage of the options available to you.

Most Americans, and young people in particular, waste their money on food. But with seven albums and a Grammy win under his belt, pop star Justin Bieber is worth approximately $225 million, so he can afford to waste his money in more exciting ways.

Invest in Startups You Love

Keep the American Dream alive. Back founders solving the problems you care about and help their startups grow.

*Learn how to invest your money so you can afford to waste it in more exciting ways. Check out – a really cool way to invest in startups, but be warned that it is risky investing.


Glenn Miller 1904

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The world-famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, a fully self-contained 19 member group, is the most popular and sought after big band in the world today. Since 1956, the band has been consistently performing an average of 300 live dates each year worldwide


*Listen to the Glenn Miller Orchestra for a taste of the big band era.


Eddie Huang 1982 – salty sweet pork belly

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It’s a moment that comes right near the end of a Huang’s World trip to China, when Eddie is sitting down to eat with local Hunan cool girl Wei Liu. On the menu is what he calls “probably the most seminal dish in my life”, red braised pork.

*Listen to a mix of Kesha, Harry Belafonte, Justin Bieber and The Glen Miller Orchestra while making the most important dish in Eddie Huang’s life.

SNUB – Frederic Chopin

Review –

  • Get someone to think like you
  • Tabata and Pilates
  • What legacy are you leaving?
  • Learn how to invest
  • Listen to the Glenn Miller Orchestra
  • Make salty sweet pork belly

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