January 3

Look for the * to follow my daily advice.


*Go online and order some Carnegie Deli for 1/10



Mel Gibson 1956

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He has been penitent in his life as well his art. After his anti-Semitic outburst, he met Jewish community leaders. After his homophobic outburst, he appeared at an event organized by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. He has also donated millions of dollars to charity, gone to Alcoholics Anonymous, and apologized on chat shows to everyone from Diane Sawyer to Stephen Colbert.


*Use the start of the New Year to be contrite in your life.  Think about the mistakes you have made and seek out ways of correcting them.


Eli Manning 1981

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“After football I went right into basketball, (and) I thought playing basketball made me a better football player,” said Manning. “I’m doing more jumping, more running and it’s a totally different type of conditioning. Same with baseball. It’s a different throwing motion.”



*Try a sport that you normally wouldn’t play. Sign up for a league at the local YMCA. For today, play catch in the yard with your dad and brother.


Lucretia Mott 1793

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She was deeply impressed by minister Elias Hicks and embraced his ideas that it was wrong to voluntarily participate in slavery and to partake of goods produced by unpaid labour.


A recent investigative report by The Guardian found a massive slavery problem in the global prawn (or shrimp) industry. To make a long story short, they found problems with a major prawn farmer based in Thailand known as CP Foods. CP Foods supplies prawns to several huge companies all over the world, including our old friend Walmart.


*Research the products that you use. Are any of them made by slave or sweatshop labor? Are any of them tested on animals? Use Lucretia Mott’s example to not spend money on these products. Find out where your shrimp comes from.


J.R.R Tolkien 1892

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“I never expected a money success,” said Tolkien, pacing the room, as he does constantly when he speaks. “In fact, I never even thought of commercial publication when I wrote The Hobbit back in the Thirties.


*I have just been fascinated by “Today in History” and birthdays, since I started teaching.  I actually enjoy typing this right now! If I can make money off of this, that would be outstanding – Hobbit money would be even better. Do what you love and the money will come.


Thomas Bangalter 1975 – listen to Daft Punk

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“We were drawing a parallel between the brain and the hard drive – the random way that memories are stored,” Thomas Bangalter told Rolling Stone last month about the new album. “Electronic music right now is in its comfort zone and it’s not moving one inch.”


*Daft Punk will always have a special place in my heart. “Get Lucky” is one of the first songs that I ever spun my wife to, at Casey’s. Spin your special someone to Daft Punk in the kitchen tonight.


Grace Coolidge 1879 – Icebox Cookies

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When Calvin Coolidge became Vice President in 1920, the prim and New England-ish, couple absolutely enchanted Washington. They were the most popular diners-out in town; everybody wanted them as their guests of honor. Washingtonians were delighted with his acerbic sense of humor, all the funnier since it was so unexpected. And they adored the personable Grace Coolidge who could talk about baseball as well as any man in the room. The Coolidges were happy to accept the invitations. “Gotta eat somewhere,”

*You also “Gotta eat something” why not try these Grace Coolidge Icebox Cookies


*Listen to Daft Punk while making these icebox cookies and then invite your most enchanting friends over to enjoy eating them, compliments of the first lady to our 30th president.

SNUB – Michael Schumacker 1969


  • Be contrite and ask for forgiveness
  • Join a team sport league
  • Don’t use slave labor products
  • Do what you enjoy – the money will come
  • Listen to Daft Punk
  • Make ice box cookies