January 5

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Chuck Noll 1932

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Pittsburgh Steelers coach Chuck Noll loved collecting and drinking fine wines, a tip to the remarkable persona of one of the best coaches of all time. He was complex, sophisticated and classy, and like a fine wine, Noll aged one of the NFL’s greatest football dynasties in the 1970s.


No one wanted to say it, but they couldn’t help but notice. The man with the formidable intellect and voracious thirst for knowledge had slowed, he seemed less sharp, less focused, less mentally acquisitive.

She took his hands in hers and delivered the news: “The doctor says you have Alzheimer’s disease.”

Chuck looked back at her. There was a long moment of silence. And she could see him weighing the reality, and the implications, and a life-time of things that had been left unsaid.

Then he squeezed her hands tightly and looked back into Marianne’s eyes, with the steady, determined gaze she’s seen so many times before. He had just one thing he had to tell her.

“I will . . . never . . . forget who you are,” he said. Then they embraced and dissolved into tears.


Help is available

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, you are not alone. The Alzheimer’s Association is the trusted resource for reliable information, education, referral and support to millions of people affected by the disease.

Call our 24/7 Helpline: 800.272.3900
Locate a chapter in your community
Use our Virtual Library
Go to Alzheimer’s Navigator to create customized action plans and connect with local support services


*Like Coach Noll would do, go to the store and buy some fine wine (The Keaton). Share it with your special someone and let them know that you will never forget who they are. Go Steelers!


January Jones 1978

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January Jones is famous for her portrayal of Betty Draper in Mad Men but is also in the X-Men film, First Class, in which she plays Emma Frost (aka White Queen), the mutant that has strong telepathic powers and super strength too in her diamond form.

In 2009 January Jones was criticized for being too thin. However, she defended her figure then, and confirmed that she eats well;

“I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs.”

January did do some limited weight training and bodyweight exercises for the role once filming started, just to give a little more muscle tone in the upper body. Typical exercises included pushups on a stability ball, dumbbell curls and rows.




*Like the Emma Frost version of January Jones, do 3 sets of push ups on a stability ball, dumbbell curls, and rows. Then go home and watch an episode of Mad Men to unwind.


Francisco Suarez 1548

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During the seventeenth century the Iberian Jesuit Francisco Suárez was considered one of the greatest philosophers of the age. He was the last great Scholastic thinker and profoundly influenced the thought of his contemporaries within both Catholic and Protestant circles.


“The church’s object is the health of each individual soul and its spiritual salvation, as opposed to the state whose jurisdiction is solely temporal, concerned with the common good in secular life.”


*Regardless of your thoughts on religion, Use the church as a safe haven from the ugliness of politics.  Attend church with an open heart and clear mind, and as an escape for a few hours each week. 


King C. Gillette 1855

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The Gillette disposable razor was a unique invention that revolutionized more than the shaving industry. A salesman, King Gillette, invented the disposable razor and formed a company to sell those razors. His invention and marketing techniques created business concepts that are still used today.

Some of the lessons learned from Gillette’s life include:

  • Sometimes youthful ideas are incorrect
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities
  • Good ideas come from common problems
  • Don’t give up on your idea
  • Spend money to get the market


*I love bookstores. Sometimes I spend hours just strolling around a Barnes and Nobles. I have never seen a book like 365DOLF. There are self-help books and workout journals. There are daily prayer journals. But I honestly think that 365DOLF is truly unique and will be a best seller hardcover book with a daily workbook/journal to go along with it. The disposable razor of a game plan for life.

Any time that you have a problem this year, ask yourself how you could make money off of fixing that problem.

A common problem for me as a teacher is writing passes for students. I want to create an app that students can use as a pass. All of my students have smart phones and this would be a way to use them for good – not porn.


Diane Keaton 1946 – (Kay Adams)

Robert Duvall 1931 – (Tom Hagen) – watch The Godfather

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“Mr. Corleone never asks a second favor once he’s refused the first, understood?”

Life Lesson: It’s not easy for many people to ask for help, so when someone does you should do your best to accommodate them. And not just because you could wake up next to a horse’s head.



*As Diane Keaton and Robert Duvall share a birthday, they also share some scenes in The Godfather. Ironically, Talia Shire and Al Pacino share a birthday on 4/25. Watch The Godfather today and part 2 on April 25.


Bradley Cooper 1975 – Herdwick Lamb

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He seduced Michelin-starred British chef Marcus Wareing with his perfect plating technique while decking out a Herdwick Lamb dish.

“When he dressed that plate of lamb, that was my culinary orgasm with Bradley Cooper,” says Wareing, who trained Cooper in the kitchen for his latest film.







*Work on your cooking skills today. After watching Bradley Cooper in Burnt, try making herdwick lamb just like he did. Be careful when dressing the plate. You have a lot of options of Bradley Cooper movies to watch while enjoying it – Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, and A Star is Born just to name a few.

Wash it down with a glass of “The Keaton”

Hollywood actress Diane Keaton has launched a wine range “as unpretentious as she is” intended to be served over ice – a drink affectionately nicknamed “The Keaton” 


SNUB – Carrie Ann Inaba 1968


  • Be proactive with Alzheimer’s
  • Emma Frost Workout
  • Use church as an escape
  • Solve a common problem
  • Watch The Godfather
  • Make herdwick lamb