January 14

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Albert Schweitzer 1875

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The mere mention of the name Schweitzer instantly conjured up images of selflessness, heroism and the very model of a modern, humane physician.


In addition to living a life of compassion and service, Schweitzer was known for his philosophy of the “Reverence for Life,” which he considered to be his greatest contribution to mankind.

*From a practical standpoint, few, if any, of us may feel capable of leaving our current reality to travel halfway around the world and commit ourselves to our work and people in a way similar to Schweitzer. Try to find solace in commitment towards helping humankind. Find true fulfillment in your life’s work.


LL Cool J 1968 – chest workout

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Sets: 4 Reps: 10-12 Rest: 1 min


Sets: 4 Reps: 10-12 Rest: 1 min

FLAT BENCH PRESS (in power rack)

Sets: 3 Reps: 8-10 Rest: 1 min


Sets: 4 Reps: To Failure


*Besides his lips, the rapper and actor LL Cool J is best known for his massive chest. Do his chest workout today while listening to “I’m Gonna Knock You Out!”


Andy Rooney 1919

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…I wish I could have told my Mom I loved her one more time before she passed away.


*Andy Rooney was famous for his practical advice and observations on 60 Minutes. Tell your mother that you love her right now. If possible, in person – but by phone will do.  If your mother has passed away, visit her grave site today and tell her that you love her one more time.


Jason Bateman 1969 – watch Horrible Bosses

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Jason Bateman’s character – Nick Hendricks 
I get to work before the sun comes up, and I leave long after it’s gone down. I haven’t had sex in 6 months with someone other than myself. And the only thing in my refrigerator is an old lime. Could be a kiwi, no way to tell.


EVERYONE HAS A TOLERANCE LIMIT AT THEIR PLACE OF WORK— We were taught in school to choose jobs we love or have a passion for, but we know that’s not always true.  Why else is it called work?  All of us have varying levels of tolerance and acceptance for the things we don’t like about our jobs, no matter the profession.  We let things we don’t like go, because we value our job.  Yet, every person, even if he or she truly does love their job, has boundaries and limits to what they will do and not do for their job or the supervisor.


*Write down what your boundaries and limits are for your current or future job. Write down what you are willing to do and not do for your job or your supervisor. Now you know when it is time to quit and become the boss yourself. Watch Horrible Bosses for motivation.


Dave Grohl 1969 – listen to Foo Fighters

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When asked what he does with all his cash during an interview with The Red Bulletin, Grohl said, “It goes straight into my bank account, where it turns all moldy and smelly.”

The musician’s overall mindset about money was formed at a young age when his mother, a public school teacher, had a stroke while filing her taxes.

“I remember coming back to the house that night, alone with my sister and looking at the piece of paper she was writing to the IRS on as she started to have her stroke,” he told The Guardian in 2014. “And it left this indelible mark on me that was ‘Money will kill you’, that people spend their lives dying inside because of money.”


*Today is a mashup of Money, Entertainment, and Food. Good advice from all 3, while watching Horrible Bosses and/or listening to Foo Fighters


Benedict Arnold 1741 – Eggs Benedict Arnold

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Live Below Your Means. His whole life Arnold fought to be wealthy, so that he and his family wouldn’t return to that awful place when his father left him, his mother and sister abandoned emotionally and financially.

Set limits. Set boundaries. Say no. Set a budget with an Excel spreadsheet and track every expense, down to every vanilla latte purchased. Trust me, this works. If Arnold hadn’t been in so much debt, he may have thought twice about selling the Americans out. And then, the British delayed his payment and he didn’t get everything he was owed! Oh, the wicked irony!



*What a day to focus on your money! – While enjoying this delicious Eggs Benedict Arnold.

SNUB – Carl Weathers 1948

Review –

  • Find true fulfillment in your life’s work
  • LL chest workout
  • Tell your mom that you love her
  • Set your work limits
  • Listen to Foo Fighters
  • Eat Eggs Benedict Arnold