January 24

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Edith Wharton 1862

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Her name is now used as shorthand to invoke style, character, place and time. “Wharton” has even become a verb! In a recent New York Magazine article, a socialite was described as spending most of her adult life Edith Wharton-ing her way through Manhattan’s upper crust.


At age 17, Edith Jones “came out” into society, making the rounds of dances and parties in Newport and New York, observing the rituals of her privileged world, a world she would later gleefully skewer in her fiction. Her childhood ended with the death of her father in March of 1882, followed by two romantic disappointments. Still unmarried at the age of 23, Edith was rapidly approaching “old maid” status. In 1885 she married Edward Robbins (Teddy) Wharton. Though imperfectly suited for each other, the couple filled their early married years with travel, houses, and dogs.

The 100 best novels: No 45 – The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (1920)

The story of a blighted New York marriage stands as a fierce indictment of a society estranged from culture


*Today’s focus is on marriage. I’ve been engaged 3 times and married twice. My current wife is 21 years younger than I am. The one thing that makes it work is travel. We are always either planning a trip, counting down the days until a trip, or actually on a trip somewhere. We don’t have kids yet so this is easy, but my advice to anyone who is or wants to be married, is to find that common interest and have it be the guiding light of your marriage. Maybe like Edith Wharton it could be travel, houses, and dogs. 


Nik Wallenda 1979

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Core and leg strength are critical, Wallenda said, as well as cardiovascular fitness. The bar he uses to help with balance weighs 45 pounds, and while he walks he essentially has to hold it in a curl.



*In honor of the Great Wallendas and our birthday boy Nik, use a curl bar that is not too heavy and walk around the gym with it in a curl position. Use your imagination and envision you are walking a tightrope across Niagara Falls, 1800 feet high, establishing a world record.


Oral Roberts 1919

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Mr. Roberts crusades are non-denominational. He is a member of the Pentecostal faith, but his converts go into virtually all faiths including Catholic and Hebrew.


Welcome to the Oral Roberts Ministries Prayer Group. Here at ORM we believe in prayer! We believe that prayer is the key that unlocks the throne of God’s mercy.


*Go to the website and send a prayer request. Whatever is weighing most on your mind today, use the Oral Roberts website to help in prayer.


Neil Diamond 1941

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The singer Neil Diamond may have set a new trend in the music world by giving an unprecedented refund to his fans after performing with a raspy voice.


“Songwriting gives me the greatest joy, the greatest sense of accomplishment, the sense that my life does have some purpose, although I don’t fully understand it right now. It’s what I am.”


*The customer is always right. Set a trend like Neil Diamond and always give refunds when the customer hasn’t received your best. Hopefully you are striving to do what gives you the greatest joy and the greatest sense of accomplishment for a living.


Ed Helms 1974 – watch The Hangover

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You’ve gotten a face tattoo and had a shotgun-wedding with a stripper. Why does the craziness follow you?

It just never ends for Stu. Stu’s the punching bag of the Wolfpack. He gets verbal abuse and physical abuse of all types.

Speaking of physical abuse, you lose a tooth in the first one. But I heard you actually are missing a tooth in real life?

Yeah, my right lateral incisor is an implant, so my dentist was just able to take it out for the production.


*Get together with your wolf pack and watch The Hangover. Booze it up so you can experience a hangover tomorrow morning. You’ve been working hard and you deserve to let loose. Make a dentist appointment for 2/13 at 2:30.


John Belushi 1949 – Billy Goat Cheezborger

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Ordering at the Billy Goat may go something like this: “Cheezborger! Cheezborger! You want doublecheez?!? Who’s next!?! WHO’S NEXT!?!” If you take more than one second to answer: “Don’t look at the menu, look at ME! I order for you – DOUBLECHEEZ!” If you only feel like a single: “No. DOUBLECHEEZ!!!” If it’s the end of the week: “It’s Friday, doublecheez for everybody! It’s payday! Triplecheez for the big guy!” Want French fries with that? “No fries – CHEEPS!” Thirsty? “No Pepsi – COKE!” To drink: “Coke or Diet?!”

Such rantings by the Billy Goat staff have gone on for almost 40 years and originated when Billy Goat Sianis and another Greek immigrant by the name of Bill Charuchas would entertain patrons by yelling out: “Try the double cheese! It’s the best! No fries, cheeps!” In the 1978, Sam Sianis and Charuchas were immortalized by Saturday Night Live’s John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Loraine Newman.

The Kaiser! Made specially for Das Goat! Straight from the bakery to your mouth, our kaiser rolls are baked and delivered fresh DAILY. Julia Child once said that it was these toasted bun that made our cheezborgers the best!

We use Kosher Dill Pickle Cheeps made exclusively for Billy Goat. Come for the cheezborgers,stay for the pickles.

Fresh. Never Frozen. All-natural. 100% Beef – NO BULL.
These patties are made for stacking. They’re formed thin so they can be quickly seared on our flat top grill – sealing a pop of mouthwatering, juicy flavor in each patty. By the time WE decide what YOU order, that hot and tasty Double Cheezborger is waiting for you at the end of the counter.




*On John Belushi’s birthday, make yourself a Billy Goat Tavern cheezborger. Try not to yell out “food fight” as you and your wolf pack watch The Hangover and maybe follow it up with Animal House and/or The Blues Brothers

Wash it down with some Hangover Roofied Jager shots.

A Doctor’s Advice

What do you learn after treating 11,000 train wrecks? How to avoid them. Dr. Jason Burke of Hangover Heaven offers his advice on the best ways to stay hangover-free.

  1. Don’t go to sleep.

At least not right away. “When you pass out, your organs slow down,” Burke explains. “Which means they aren’t metabolizing as much alcohol.” The more toxins you get rid of at night, the better you’ll feel in the morning. (So drunken late-night sex? Great on multiple levels.)

  1. Yes, of course, eat something, just not all carbs.

“A huge serving of fries isn’t really soaking up booze,” he says, “because alcohol is also a carb.” Scarf down protein and veggies instead.

  1. The worst hangover booze on earth: Jäger.

“All of my worst cases have included the stuff. Germans, they don’t even drink it! It’s practically diesel.”


SNUB – Luis Suarez


  • Use a common interest as a guiding light
  • Walk with a curl bar
  • Send a prayer request
  • Strive to do what gives you the greatest joy
  • Watch The Hangover
  • Eat a cheezborger – no food fights

January 23

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Richard Dean Anderson 1950 – (MacGyver)

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“Another day, a whole ‘nother set of fresh possibilities … I’m a sucker for mornings.” – MacGyver (Slow Death)
Philosophers have always told us that sunrises represent new beginnings. In books and movies, we see that when characters turn their lives around or begin a new chapter or new relationship, the imagery is backlit by a beautiful sunrise. There’s no reason we can’t use the same imagery, even if just metaphorically.

Whatever path you are on, whatever circumstance you find yourself in, remember that you have the power to change it if you choose. You can start fresh, make different choices, or end unhealthy relationships. You don’t have to wait for morning to start a new day. Just set your goals, believe in yourself, and make the conscious decision to move forward.


*Be a sucker for this morning as a new beginning. Watch an episode of MacGyver and it will help you realize that you can overcome any obstacle today.


Walter Frederick Morrison 1920

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Why mourn your father’s death when you could just toss him around post-mortem?

When Walter Morrison died in 2010, his family cremated him and turned him into the very toy Morrison invented in 1955, then under the name Pluto Platter.

It would later become one of the most successful toys of all-time under the new name adopted by Wham-O: the Frisbee.


*Go outside with a friend and throw a Frisbee around. Take today to think about your funeral arrangements.


Chesley Sullenberger 1951

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Captain Sullenberger says even though he believed that everyone who had been on board was safe, he still wanted confirmation. “After bugging people for hours, I finally got the word that it was official. That the count was 155,” he recalled.

All had survived.

Asked what he said when he heard the good news, Sullenberger said, “I don’t remember saying anything. But I remember feeling the most intense feeling of relief that I ever felt in my life. I felt like the weight of the universe had been lifted off my heart.”


Latest Blogs by Sully

Personal Viewpoints

A consummate leader who takes pride in living a life of integrity in both personal and business endeavors, Sully shares timeless perspectives through this monthly blog on a variety of relevant and timely topics.


*For an uplifting story, you can watch the movie Sully or read some blogs from the birthday boy himself.


John Hancock 1737

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As president of the Continental Congress, Hancock is credited as the first signer of the Declaration of Independence. His prominent, stylish signature became famous. (According to legend, Hancock boldly inscribed his name so the English king would not need glasses to read it.) Today, the term “John Hancock” is synonymous with “signature.”


John Hancock is dedicated to providing innovative life insurance solutions to help you address a variety of financial planning goals and needs.

*What will your name be synonymous with when you are gone? At the very least, you can leave a legacy of some financial independence to those you have left behind. Take today to focus on your life insurance and if it will be enough to provide for your family after your passing. Use the John Hancock website on his birthday to research not only life insurance but also investing and retirement plans.


Mariska Hargitay 1964 – watch Law and Order SVU

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“I was wrecked,” Mariska Hargitay said about life after filming Law & Order: SVU’s “Something Happened,” a season 19 episode that broke from the show’s long-running story structure and largely featured an interview between her character, Lt. Olivia Benson, and Melora Walters’ Laurel Linwood, a rape victim…or was she?


I can almost guarantee you that it is on TV somewhere right now.


Tiffani Thiessen 1974 – Mom’s Cream Cheese Pie

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National Pie Day is celebrated annually on January 23rd.

National Pie Day was created simply to celebrate the pie.  It is a day for all to bake or cook their favorite pies.  Even more importantly, it is a day set aside for all to enjoy eating pies!


Finally, it’s important for me to recognize how my life has changed since becoming a mother. The role of mom, more than any I’ve played as an actress, has given me new levels of comfort, joy, love and belonging beyond any measure of words, time or space. It has given me something I didn’t expect: clarity. This role has given me clarity and the ability to see myself through my daughter’s eyes. Through her, I have been able to look back on my life’s journey more clearly and discover the value for which I never had reason to search. A vision that clearly identifies those opportunities that was once obscure. And lastly a voice – a voice that expresses who and what I’ve been, I am, and will always want to be: creative. My creative flair for life has been grounded in preparation and planning. While some might argue these qualities as structured, I see them as liberating. I’m thrilled to be able to share with you my voice and who I am: Tiffani Thiessen, Creative.

*Enjoy Tiffani Thiessan’s mom’s cream cheese pie with your mom on National Pie Day.

SNUB – Tito Ortiz

Review –

  • Be a sucker for this morning
  • Throw a Frisbee with a friend
  • Watch Sully
  • Get life insurance
  • Watch Law and Order SVU
  • Make cream cheese pie

January 22

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Francis Bacon 1561

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Having advocated an organized system of obtaining knowledge with a humanitarian goal in mind, he is largely credited with ushering in the new early modern era of human understanding.

Biographer Loren Eisley described Bacon’s compelling desire to invent a new scientific method, stating that Bacon, “more fully than any man of his time, entertained the idea of the universe as a problem to be solved, examined, meditated upon, rather than as an eternally fixed stage upon which man walked.” Bacon himself claimed that his empirical scientific method would spark a light in nature that would “eventually disclose and bring into sight all that is most hidden and secret in the universe.”


*Take today to look at the world around you as a problem to be solved, examined, and meditated upon. In fact, meditate right now for just two minutes. Get to a quiet place and close your eyes for two minutes. Try to shut out the rest of the world and see what answers you come up with.


Diane Lane 1965

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Just like other celebrities, Diane Lane’s diet is based on portion control. This type of diet allows Diane to eat whatever she likes as long as it is kept in small amounts. This enables her to get rid of the feeling of being deprived with her favorite and unhealthy meals. Diane Lane’s diet likewise allows her to eat healthy foods most of the time and at the same time, allows her to eat fat-rich or high-caloric foods but in smaller portions


Lane’s realization is one that not only parents, but everyone in an increasingly divided culture, can take to heart: “No love is ever wasted.”


*No love is ever wasted, but don’t be afraid to waste food. Today’s message is about portion control. Practice this with all of your meals today and especially with the blonde brownies for dessert.


Linda Blair 1959

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Dread Central: Since you were such a young age at the time you made The Exorcist and considering the material you were dealing with, how much of it resonated with you and how much of it did you pick up on after the fact?

Linda Blair: I was not raised Catholic so I didn’t have any answers, and I certainly didn’t understand a lot of what was happening in the story either. We didn’t talk about any of these things – God, the devil, evil – before we started shooting, and I really didn’t ask any questions either; to me it was just a character that was made up from special effects and not a symbol of something more like Regan has become over the years.

Dread Central: I know you spend most of your time now focused on the WorldHeart Foundation; I was wondering if you’d like to share with our readers more about that work.

Linda Blair: I feel that it’s my job to use my voice, my money and my charity to give people guidance as to how they can make a difference- whether it’s to rescue or adopt an animal, to volunteer in the community or to just keep our local food banks stocked. Animals and people out there are suffering, and we need to do something about it. You can find all the info on the official The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation website and through The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation Facebook page, too. I feel that it’s important that we all find a way to give back somehow.



*Linda Blair took what could have been a negative and turned it into a positive. She could have shunned religion but instead has become a champion for helping communities find better ways to serve people and animals.


DJ Jazzy Jeff 1965

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Arguably the first DJ to turn into a household name, DJ Jazzy Jeff is now synonymous with the art of turntablism.


My name used to be Mix Master Jeff, so to promote your name, you would go to the store to get your name out on your shirt, and it was pretty much 50 cents a letter. Mix Master Jeff is really, really long,” he laughed. “I shortened it to Jazzy Jeff because that was a little bit easier on my pocket.”


*As suggested, hopefully you are trying to become an entrepreneur and sometimes that entails cutting some corners to save money. DJ Jazzy Jeff has proven that to get started at least, sometimes cutting corners can work out for the best.


Steve Perry 1949 – listen to Journey

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Public appearances by former Journey frontman Steve Perry are rare, if not virtually nonexistent, and have been that way for some years. Once a face plastered all over T-shirts, concert posters, magazines and music videos, these days it’s his voice that provides a lingering presence via such timeless, iconic songs as “Open Arms,” “Faithfully” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.”



*Don’t stop believing and listen to Journey all day today.


Guy Fieri 1968 – blondies with dark roots

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National Blonde Brownie Day on January 22 recognizes a treat often referred to as blondies.

Blonde brownies are similar to the traditional brownies known almost everyone.  In place of cocoa, brown sugar is used, giving it a sweet tooth-satisfying molasses flavor!


Guy Fieri is just as well known for his stand-out hairstyle and loud fashion sense as he is for talking with his mouth full on Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesBut in a recent interview with CBS, Fieri revealed that the Food Network doesn’t force his “look” on him, and he’d be willing to change it for only one person: his wife.


*The fact that Guy Fieri was born on Blonde Brownie Day is proof to me that 365DOLF had to be written. Enjoy his “Blondies with Dark Roots” recipe today. Think about getting a new hairstyle.

SNUB – John Hurt 1940

Review –

  • Look at the world around you as a problem to be solved
  • Portion control
  • Become a champion for helping communities
  • Sometimes short cuts work out
  • Listen to Journey
  • Make blondies with dark roots (eat just 1)

January 21

Monday, January 21, 2019 – MLK DAY

Look to the * for today’s advice.


Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson 1824

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Adaptability in the Face of Change –

Battle fields are constantly changing, and General Jackson’s ability to adapt and make strategic choices under pressure differentiated him from other generals of the time. Your life is also constantly evolving, and change is necessary.


*Regardless of what you do for a living, it is rare that a day goes as planned. Embrace any changes today as a challenge, and hope that your own men don’t shoot you accidentally like Stonewall Jackson.


Jack Nicklaus 1940 – walk 18 holes

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Early in his career, when he beat Arnold Palmer for the US Open in 1962 at Oakmont, Nicklaus was made fun of because of his weight.  It was a distasteful way to talk about the man who set the Golden Bear standard in golf.  With 18 professional majors and two US Amateurs, his major record stands alone.  Nicklaus slimmed down significantly in the late 1970s and in the 1980s, but who is to say he didn’t play his best when heavy?


*Hopefully you made a tee time for today. Get out and walk 18 holes, even if you are a few pounds overweight.


Eliza Snow 1804

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Eliza R. Snow, one of Mormonism’s “founding mothers,” was gang-raped by eight Missourians during 19th-century tensions between LDS settlers and their Midwestern enemies.

“The rape was brutal, and so it made Eliza unable to have children,”

For Snow, polygamy was about “spiritual comfort following a savage crime that made her infertile, and a protective measure in the context of trauma and sexual violence that Mormon women experienced.”


In the talents with which God has blessed you, choose to be great.


*A great lesson in overcoming a horrendous experience and striving to be great with the talents that God has given you.


Paul Allen 1953

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Four decades after co-founding Microsoft, entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul G. Allen is still exploring the frontiers of technology and human knowledge, and acting to change the future.

Through his company Vulcan Inc., Paul is working to save endangered species, slow climate change, improve ocean health, share art, history and film, develop new technology, tackle epidemics, research how the human brain works and build sustainable communities. In all his endeavors, Mr. Allen constantly asks “What if…?” and pushes people to challenge conventional thinking, collaborate across disciplines and reimagine what’s possible.


But with interests that range from electric guitars to World War II aircraft, Allen takes expensive hobbies to a whole new level.


*The luxury of having Paul Allen money is that you can help change the future AND collect expensive hobbies. You may have to focus on just one of these. If you can do both, see which one makes you feel better.


Geena Davis 1956 – watch Thelma and Louise

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What is the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media?

Founded by Academy-Award® winning actor and advocate Geena Davis in 2004, The Institute is the first and only research-based organization working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence content creators, marketers and audiences about the importance of eliminating unconscious bias, highlighting gender balance, challenging stereotypes, creating role models and scripting a wide variety of strong female characters in entertainment and media that targets and influences children ages 11 and under.


Thelma & Louise was originally advertised as a lighthearted female buddy pic (see the original trailer, which I initially mistook for a parody). It smuggled its politics in under the guise of two happy-go-lucky gals taking a road trip together; the trailer did not even hint at its darker core. But this was no romp—it was revolutionary, the first film in a long time to tell the truth about women’s lives. Not only did it star two women, but their friendship was the film’s central subject, the story was written by a woman, and those stars were, at the time, 35 and 45—well past their prime by Hollywood’s ever-narrowing standards of physical perfection. Though portrayed as sexually attractive, Davis and Sarandon had more to do than sit around looking pretty.



We are a travel club designed and run for women to help our members enrich and enable their lives through travel. Join us as we share, laugh and learn together. Thelma & Louise members come in different ages, interests, abilities and energies but what unites us is our belief that travel makes us better and happier people. Membership is free.




Geena Davis admitted that she kept messing up her lines when auditioning with Pitt because he was so attractive. When Scott and the casting director were discussing who to cast, she reportedly jumped in: “The blond one. Duh!” Julie Strain was hired to play Davis’ body double in the movie, but Davis opted to shoot her sex scene with Pitt directly.


*I never knew that I would find so much interesting information on this movie. Take a few hours today and watch this landmark film. Also take today to plan a road trip in the future. Please don’t recreate the ending.


Detlef Schrempf 1963 – German Shrimp Salad

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Unlike most of us, Detlef Schrempf was able to earn millions of dollars a year as a professional basketball player. But the 6’10” German-American also knew that he would have to retire years before he was eligible for Social Security. After a 16-year career in the NBA, the three-time All-Star retired from playing in 2001 at the age of 38, having laid the groundwork for a successful retirement.

While still balling, he founded the Detlef Schrempf Foundation, a children’s charitable organization, along with his wife, Mari.  “We’re in our twenty-second year and we’ve raised more than $15 million,” says Schrempf, now 52, proudly. “We focused on what we truly believe is important, and that’s children. We started small with one golf tournament and auction and raised $40,000 the first year.”



*Enjoy this German shrimp salad in honor of the German Detlef Schrempf. Here is also another opportunity to donate to a great cause.

SNUB – Christian Dior 1905


  • Embrace any change as a challenge
  • Walk 18 holes of golf
  • Choose to be great
  • Help change the future
  • Watch Thelma and Louise
  • Make German shrimp salad

January 20

Get to the * for today’s advice.



Bill Maher 1956

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You’re a different person every decade, and every decade you have different needs and desires and values. In my fifties, what became important to me was comfort and acceptance. I wouldn’t have said those two things in my twenties.

There are certainly aspects of my life that I would like to take back, but you can’t. I’ve probably spent too much time saying, “Oh, God, I hate myself for doing this or that…” But we’re all in a state of evolution.


*Which decade are you in? Think about how your life has changed from 20s to 30s and so on. Realize that you are evolving and do not hate yourself for any of the mistakes that you have made. Look forward to continuing to evolve.

SIDE NOTE: Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th POTUS on this day in 2017 – much to the dismay of our birthday boy.


Buzz Aldrin 1930

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He suggests that his current fitness routines also involves some daily mind exercises while he is working out. Buzz even reads and studies while he is training, “You have to be organized more as you age to get it all in.” You can’t argue the man has written several books and is on an aggressive schedule.


*Be like Buzz Aldrin today and read while working out. You have been given several reading suggestions so far. Use one of those to read while on the elliptical or stationary bike. Working out the mind and body at the same time.


Harold Gray 1894

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While Annie and Warbucks are always trying to overcome adversity through self-help, they have to fend off a wide array of leftist villains (corrupt and communist union leaders, snooty professors, meddling social workers, and demagogic politicians preaching income redistribution). Annie, a prepubescent girl, is always trying to work for a living but is often hampered by odious child labor laws enforced by officious bureaucrats.

If Harold Gray was well to the right on economic issues, he was surprisingly progressive on racial matters. During her pilgrim’s journey through the American heartland, Annie befriends people of all different backgrounds. The strip was often a celebration of melting pot America with Annie happily interacting with Italian-Americans, Jewish Americans, Chinese-Americans.


Even in the funny papers life is often far from funny. But Gray’s gospel is that in the long run you fare best by standing tall, and on your own feet.


*Try to find some middle ground. Like Harold Gray, if you are fiscally conservative, try to think more progressively on race issues and the reason why some demographics so desperately need financial assistance. If you are liberal when it comes to social programs, try to focus on how people could stand tall, on their own feet and get out of the vicious cycle of poverty.


Aristotle Onassis 1906

Image result for aristotle onassis


Her devoted father called her “chryso mou,” or “my golden one.” And from the outside, Christina Onassis seemed to have a golden life.

Her father was shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, whose fortune reached the billions and whose yacht bore his daughter’s name. Her dolls wore Dior dresses. She grew up in homes in Paris, Antibes, and Skorpios, her father’s private Greek island.

Yet while Onassis, who was 37 when she died in 1988, was one of the world’s richest women, she may have also been among the most unhappy.


*Another tale of how money doesn’t bring happiness. By all means, treat your children “golden”, but don’t assume that will lead to their happiness.


Paul Stanley 1952 – listen to KISS

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Kiss were moments away from a show when they had to face the challenge of playing as a trio, as Paul Stanley suffered a potentially life-threatening health alert. But the incident gave the band yet another chance to prove to fans, in Gene Simmons’ words, “You work hard for your money, and we work hard for your money.”

“Listen up. This is important to us. You’re important to us. Paul’s heart was going at 200 beats a minute. They had to inject him. We were thinking of canceling the show because there was no way for Paul to do the show. He said, ‘Don’t let the fans down.’ Would you like to go home, or do you want us to try to play for you?”



*You work hard for your money – so does KISS. Let them play for you.


Rainn Wilson 1966 – Dwight’s Beet Salad with Honey Vinaigrette

Image result for dwight schrute farms


SoulPancake is the world’s most recognized positive and inspiring media and entertainment company. We create smart, uplifting, meaningful, shareable content targeted to the Optimistic Millennial. In the past three years, our digital, television, and branded entertainment teams have created 85+ hours of content amassing 200M+ video views. SoulPancake was recently named one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Video Companies of 2015.


*Our birthday boy, Rainn Wilson could be your Entertainment with The Office. I also suggested following an uplifting handle on social media. He is the co-founder of SoulPancake and it is an excellent one. Regardless, enjoy this beet recipe in honor of Schrute Farms.

Dwight’s Beet Salad with Honey Vinaigrette Recipe

Bring this dish to a dinner party, along with extra wine glasses and a date. Especially if you weren’t invited.


SNUB – Stacey Dash 1967

Review –

  • Look forward to evolving
  • Read while working out
  • Find some middle ground
  • Don’t expect money to bring happiness
  • Listen to KISS
  • Make Dwight’s Beet Salad

January 19

Look to the * for today’s advice.

*note – make a tee time at your local golf course for 1/21



Robert E. Lee 1807

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Robert E. Lee on Leadership: Executive Lessons in Character, Courage and Vision, written by H.W. Crocker III. The book recapped the historical American Civil War. Organized in 11 short chapters, one of the biggest take-a-ways from the book could be found at the end of every chapter where he listed, “Lee’s Lessons.”

  • A leader seizes the opportunities of the day – carpe diem.


*Be like Robert E. Lee and seize the opportunities of today. That may include starting to read the above book on his leadership skills. Spoiler alert: He loses the war.


Shawn Johnson 1992 – SoulCycle

Image result for shawn johnson


Olympic gold medalist and newlywed Shawn Johnson may be best known for her gymnastic skills, but her current favorite workout is actually spinning.

“I love SoulCycle.”


*Hopefully your gym has spinning classes available. If not, seek out a gym that will give you a one-time free spin class or even better a SoulCycle class. This will be recommended several times this year.


Lysander Spooner 1808

Image result for lysander spooner


Spooner himself was a model for the good citizen, a man unencumbered by responsibilities to state or society. In some ways he was a representative man of the nineteenth century; his life was a remarkable series of careers: Deist, lawyer, bank clerk, western land speculator, businessman, abolitionist, inventor, legal writer, economist, and anarchist. He showed what an individual alone could do; he showed how an individualist should live.

In our time, both his example and his ideas concerning the absolute inadequacy of force and of government remain relevant. The liberation movements of our day are particularly concerned to end coercion and dominance—the dominance of one race over others, of men over women, of heterosexual over homosexual, of rich over poor, of old over young, of teacher over pupil, of the educated over the uneducated, of the ruler over the ruled. In place of these slave-master relationships there is a search for forms of cooperation among equals. In this search Spooner was a pioneer and a prophet.


*Be a model for the good citizen. Show how an individualist should live. Do your part to help end politics of the ruler over the ruled and the dominance of one race over others.


Edgar Allan Poe 1809

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Self-indulgent, vulgar, borderline insane—Edgar Allan Poe was the most influential American author of the 19th century


Facing a myriad of rejections early in his career, even after Poe was published (in 1839 with a volume of short stories, “Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque”) he initially received no money for his work. Despite the relative success of stories such as “The Gold Bug,” Poe was unable to make enough money to support his family. Whether attempting to start his own magazines or simply working at journals that ultimately failed, Poe’s revenue stream seem to have a life-long curse of bad luck. His beloved wife died in 1847, and two years later Poe was hospitalized and died in utter poverty under famously mysterious circumstances.



*Maybe the ultimate tale in not being recognized in his time. Make sure that you are being compensated for your brilliance. However, read The Gold Bug to get some perspective on money.


Janis Joplin 1943

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At the close of 1962, Alpha Phi Omega sponsored its traditional Ugliest Man on Campus contest as part of a charity drive. Each fraternity paid $5 to nominate one of its own, who would then dress up in a mask and ragged attire with artificial blood and parade around in hopes that people would spend a dime to vote for him as Ugliest Man. Though no one seems to know how it began, apparently a write-in campaign developed to elect Janis Joplin as the Ugliest Man on Campus. And although she did not win, as is popularly believed, it seems that she did receive votes.


*If you do smoke weed, today is the day to partake as you listen to the counter culture icon Janis Joplin.


Paula Deen 1947 – South Georgia Caviar

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Television chef, cookbook author and restaurateur Paula Deen is being dropped by the Food Network and investigated by the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s organization, following her acknowledged use of a racial slur in the past.



*On Paula Deen’s birthday, enjoy her South Georgia Caviar in honor of Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

BONUS BIRTHDAY: Dolly Parton 1946

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Country singer Dolly Parton has discarded “Dixie” from the name of a popular dinner show, “Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede,” due to cultural concerns.

From now on, the attraction will simply be known as Dolly Parton’s Stampede.


Some times the birthdays just go together. Proof that 365DOLF is my destiny.

SNUB – Katey Sagal 1954

Review –

  • Seize your opportunities
  • SoulCycle
  • Be a model for the good citizen
  • Be compensated for your brilliance
  • Listen to Janis Joplin
  • Make South Georgia caviar

January 18

The * provides today’s advice.



Jason Segel 1980

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Cut yourself some slack.

He’ll try anything, but Segel said he’s only embarrassed when he’s “unprepared.”

“You know what I learned as I got older? To give myself a break,” he said. “As long as I’m trying as hard as I can … you’re going to mess up and you’re not going to be perfect. It’s OK. … Everything’s OK.”



*Cut yourself some slack today. Everything’s OK. Be prepared and if you need a good laugh, watch the birthday boy Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Dave Bautista 1969

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He holds the record for the longest reign as World Heavyweight Champion at 282 days, and has also won the World Tag Team Championship three times (twice with Ric Flair and once with John Cena)


Batista does not care about his carbohydrates or calorie intake due to his highly intensive training. He follows a low fat high protein diet and avoids bread.



*Avoid bread today – see if you can go the entire day without eating any. Have a Monster Energy drink and then try his workout. And if you want some sci-fi action watch the birthday boy Dave Bautista in Guardians of the Galaxy


Daniel Webster 1782

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As an orator, Webster had no equal among his American contemporaries. With the magic of the spoken word he moved judges and juries, visitors and colleagues in Congress, and vast audiences gathered for special occasions. His great occasional addresses, commemorating such historic events as the landing of the Pilgrims and the Battle of Bunker Hill, gave dramatic expression to his nationalism and conservatism. He reached the height of his eloquence in his reply to the nullificationist Robert Y. Hayne, a reply that concluded with the words ‘Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!’


One time, it is told, he was asked what he regarded as the greatest thought that ever occupied his mind. He replied: “The sense of my individual responsibility to God.”


*Think about what your individual responsibility to God is. When times get tough, use this as your mantra: “God and I, now and forever, one and inseparable.”


Ted DiBiase 1954

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Claiming “Everybody has a price,” The Million Dollar Man was a villainous character fans loved to hate.


*If there exists a person who has lived his life to the fullest and reached a state of contentment then perhaps he has reached a conclusion that there is nothing more to gain. He has no need to gain more. He may want to leave this life with a legacy as someone who gives, not someone who takes. Such a person cannot be bought. Become this person.


Kevin Costner 1955 – watch Dances with Wolves

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This is a story about a civil war lieutenant who learns to co-exist with a Native American tribe. But the real inspiring story is the one that propelled the author to write. He believed in himself and his talents, and when everyone else told him he wasn’t going to cut it, he still believed anyway. He was washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant. Most people would lose hope by that point. But Michael Blake knew he was destined for something better and looked beyond his current situation and created a better world for himself (and an Oscar for his old friend, Kevin, too). Persistence, work-ethic, and a brilliant story; now that’s a lesson we all can learn from.



Over the course of six months in wide release, Dances with Wolves took in $184 million domestically, rocketing it past Young GunsSilverado, and other Westerns to become the highest grossing film in the genre. Twenty-five years later, it’s still at the top of the chart, just ahead of 2010’s True Grit. Interestingly, in all its weeks in theaters, Dances With Wolves never topped the box office charts.


*As an American History teacher, I suggest that an entire course could be taught with nothing but Kevin Costner movies. Watch his shining jewel today and know that you are destined for something better in life.


Julius Peppers 1980 – stuffed bell peppers

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Just as the descriptors “monster” or “freak” have often been used for the 6’ 7″, 295-pound nine-time Pro Bowler, so too have “quiet” and “guarded.” This is how a guy can wreck the NFL for nearly two decades, and still fly under the radar everywhere but on the scouting report. Peppers has at least seven sacks in 15 of his 16 seasons; he’s the most feared pass rusher this century. And yet there’s a good chance you’ve never heard the guy say a word.


*Enjoy these stuffed bell peppers in honor of the most feared pass rusher this century, Julius Peppers.

Wash them down with a Million Dollar Cocktail in honor of Ted DiBiase’s birthday.


Louis Eppinger, a German-born bartender known for creating the Bamboo cocktail at the Yokohama Grand Hotel in the late 1800s. Eppinger is also credited with devising the recipe for the Million Dollar Cocktail, a frothy blend of gin, sweet vermouth, pineapple and egg white that Kaiho says is still considered a classic among bartenders in Tokyo. This is Kaiho’s take on the drink, featuring genever and Cherry Heering.

1½ oz. Bols Genever
½ oz. Cherry Heering
2 oz. pineapple juice
Egg white (pasteurized if you like)
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: cocktail
Garnish: pineapple leaf


SNUB – Cary Grant 1904

Review –

  • Cut yourself some slack
  • Bautista workout
  • Individual responsibility to God
  • Be a giver not a taker
  • Watch Dances with Wolves
  • Make stuffed bell Peppers